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Lest they pull away from the Yankees (who suffer from their own injury problems), the Red Sox have had a rash of injuries.

Wells is back on the DL after having a line drive bounce off his knee cap.  Timlin is there with a sore shoulder.  Wily Mo Pena will have surgery on his wrist and be out 4-6 weeks.  Thankfully, Coco Crisp is back.  Speaking of backs, Manny's back has been bothering him.  You couldn't tell from his last homestand though.  He hit monster numbers.  Clement probably should go on the DL- if just to get his head together, if not also for his ankle.  And let's not forget Mark Loretta's toe.  He was having an awesome May, so this is disappointing.

Alas, what would September be if these 2 titans weren't slugging it out for the division.  So they are also keeping pace in the injury department.  Hitting and defense will be fine.  It's the pitching I am worried about.  Although he would have been greatly overpriced, it would have been great to see Roger end his career where it began.

Not to be outdone, the Celtics have Perkins recuperating from surgery performed this week.  Wally World is recovering from knee surgery, and Dan Dickau is still recovering from a ruptured tendon.

Update: Not to be outdone- Mike Lowell came up with a pulled hammy during last nights game.  At least he earned it trying to score on a single.

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Alias Finale

It  was okay.  Not great, but okay.  I knew Tom (was that his name) was going to choose to be blown up.

I was yelling at Sydney, "who are you, Dr. Evil?  Kill Sloane for crying out loud!"  It wasn't until he filled his old friend full of lead that Sydney finally shot the evil snake.  Then she continued to refuse to kill her just as evil mother.  She's too soft, I tell you!  I'm surprised she hadn't been killed 20 times over the way she waffles on these things.

But Sloane's demise, so to speak, was appropriate.  Alive forever, but trapped in a dark, underground chamber.  Aw Yeah!

Like the symbolism at the end, as their daughter put the puzzle together (and why was that among Syd's stuff?) but knocked it down before anyone saw, 'rejecting' the life of an agent.  Or something like that.

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In MA, aka taxachusettes, they refuse to comply with a federal law allowing public housing to ask if someone is in the country illegally.  Once again the disingenuous cry of 'discrimination' is raised against such a supposedly heinious crime.

I'm sorry, but public housing should be for citizens and legal immigrants.  People like my grandmother, who lived in public housing for some time, in that illustrious state, should rightfully have first crack.  In no way should law breakers be allowed to suck up even more of the tax payers money. 

On a similar note- why do we need NEW immigration laws.  Isn't the problem merely that we have refused to enforce the laws that are already on the books.  Can't the executive branch (hey, Mr. President- I voted for you) say 'hey, we've been negligent for many years, and many presidencies.  But now we are going to enforce the laws of this land.'  End the charade, and bring common sense back to Washington.  PLEASE.

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After scanning my new copy of CT, I sense a big bruhaha coming in evangelical circles.  And the first rounds may have just been fired.  Intelligent Design is a scientific position that essentially says that natural processes alone cannot account for all that we observe today.  That is as far as it goes, for General Revelation (creation) does not itself reveal how the universe came to be, or that Jesus is the Creator, Ruler, Sustainer and Savior of Creation (of which humanity is a part).  As William Dembski recently said after the discovery of a 375 million year-old fossil believed by some to be the 'missing link':  "Intelligent Design does not so much challenge whether evolution occurred but how it occurred.  In particular, it questions whether purposeless material processes- as opposed to intelligence- can create biological complexity and diversity."

In essence, Dembski is advocating, it appears, a form of Creative Evolution.  This is not a new position, but has been around for over 100 years.  It seeks to honor both Scripture and scientific discoveries.  It seeks to harmonize General and Special Revelation.  As such, it seems to compromise truth in the eyes of many.

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, criticized ID this way: "What good is it if people believe in intelligence?  That's no different than atheism in that if it's not the God of the Bible, it's not Jesus Christ, it's not salvation."

Oddly, among the Passages in CT one page prior to these quotes, I found "Selected- Kurt Wise, as director of the Center for Theology and Science at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  Wise, a creationist, will replace William Dembski, a leading proponent of Intelligent Design.  Dembski resigned to teach closer to home at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas."


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With the holiday, I spent some time this morning catching up on Morning and Evening.  I'd fallen a bit behind in previous weekends.  And there was plenty there to chew on.

5/19 "Upstarts frequently usurp the highest places, while the truly great pine in obscurity.  This is a riddle in providence whose solution will one day gladden the hearts of the upright; … The world is upside down, and therefore, the first are last and the last first. … Patience, then, believer, eternity will right the wrongs of time."

I've really been struggling with this lately.  I pine away in obscurity, like most of humanity.  I doubt though that I am truly great.  But it can be trying to see people pursuing insignificant vocations prospering while you struggle.  Or those who are corrupt prospering.  I've been wrestling with my portion of fulitity, my experience of the curse.  Alas, one day all the wrongs shall be righted.


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Memorial Day Movies

In honor of our vets, and the sacrifices they made, I thought I'd do a list of my favorite war movies (not just military movies) that portray the bravery, and obstacles they overcame for freedom.

Movies of My Youth

The Sands of Iwo Jima– John Wayne was a walking propoganda film (which isn't necessarily bad).  This is one of my favorites, but I enjoyed many a John Wayne movie.

Midway– you had to have seen it in sensaround for the battle scenes.

A Bridge Too Far– all-star cast.  Just watched part of it the other day and realized that Anthony Hopkins was in it.

The Great Escape– another all-star cast and some great characters.  Watching Charles Bronson afraid and crying….. prototypical Steve McQueen stole the show, as usual.

The Big Red One– a gritty Lee Marvin and a young Mark Hamel from N. Africa to Europe.

The Adult Years

Saving Private Ryan– truly incredible film.  Hanks' portrayal of a man coming apart at the seams it great.  These men did not understand all they were to do, but still finished the mission at great personal cost.

We Were Soldiers– great the see the role of faith in the part of Mel Gibson's character.  He saw soldiering as his vocation (Gene Veith would be proud).

U-571– no, not because Jon Bon Jovi was in it.

The Patriot– a great, emotional film as a man comes to term with his past in the course of fighting for the life of his family.  He's torn because he hates who he becomes.  Another man of faith, struggling to make sense of his calling in a time of bloodshed he didn't ask for.

To End All Wars– a fascinating film.  Kiefer played an American, so it fits in this catagory.  It is about the power of sacrifice and forgiveness.

Glory– an inspiring movie about men fighting for their own freedom and the prejudices that still existed in the hearts of their fellow soldiers.  Even in their own hearts.  Great performance from Denzel Washington, a young Denzel.  He and Hanks are truly THE actors of our time.

Wartime Films Not About America

Schindler's List– if you don't weep, you may not be a real human.  The protrayal of loving sacrifice in the midst of such profound evil is beyond words.  Thankfully Jesus won't be lamenting like Oskar at the end of time.

Enemy at the Gates– very gritty, dark and bleak, but it was the battle for Stalingrad for cryin' out loud.

Braveheart– awesome movie about the longing for freedom and the courage to try even if you personally won't benefit.  Hey, the 3rd Mel Gibson film.  He has matured greatly in terms of the projects he takes.

Paradise Road– a story of woman POWs in China after the Japanese invaded.  It is about how they maintained their sanity and dignity.

Perhaps you have a favorite or two to share.

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Barry Finally Did It…

… and no one seems to care.  Yes, he passed the Mighty Babe.  But all of the controversy surrounding the suspected/alleged steroid use has stolen any and all joy from this celebration.  Well, that and ESPN showing EVERY at bat for the last 3 weeks (it seems like 3 years).

If I were Barry, I would retire.  I have passed the white guy (which seems to fuel Barry at times) and I can barely walk, much less swing the bat.

Really, he can barely reach outside pitches anymore.  I'm surprised every pitch isn't a breaking ball away.  How hard is that for pitchers to figure out?  It seems inconceiveable that he will reach Hammerin' Hank, so why not put himself, and us, out of our misery.

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