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Trade Snoozer

Well, the deadline for non-waiver trades has come and gone. Among the names rumored to be heading to the Sox were: Jake Peavey, Cory Lidle, Julio Lugo, Kip Wells, Jon Leiber, Andruw Jones, and so many more. Supposedly hung as trade bait include, Lowell, Hansen, Mily Mo Pena, Coco Crisp and a few guys we perhaps wouldn’t mind saying ‘good-bye’ to.

Some thoughts. Trading for Lugo didn’t make any sense to me. Gonzalez has proven (at least to me) that he can provide more than enough offense. He’s not Lugo, but he is light years better than Lugo defensively. Last year defense was our big weakness. Not this year. Perhaps that is why we have our best record after 100 games in over a quarter century.


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The Red Sox made a trade today for some help in the bullpen.  That is important since Manny Delcarmen is having some issues with his thumb, and Foulke was pulled from playing today.  Some say it is his back, some speculate on a trade.  No one knows.  But the trade! 

The picked up right hander Bryan Corey from the Rangers (yes, the picture is from his days as a Cub).  He was designated for assignment, though I don’t know why.  In 17 innings he’s 1-1, with an ERA of 2.60, a WHIP of 1.33, and BAA of .231.  Sounds like a decent pick-up.  They got him for Luis Mendoza.  Mr. Mendoza isn’t even mentioned on the Red Sox Prospects website.

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Their first round rookie running back is signed up for the next 5 years barring an injury (Edwards) or the nearly obligatory holdout before the last year of one’s contract (Seymour, Branch….).  Hey, the NFL players don’t usually have guaranteed contracts like in other sports.  Of course, other sports aren’t as dangerous.  When is the last time a baseball player got crippled?  But you’ve got to assign responsibility to the NFLPA.  But Maroney is just a rookie, so we’ve got a few years to figure out if he’s worth keeping.  It looks like he is from rookie camps.  He could add a great new tool for Brady to use.

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Celticsblog linked to the Boston Sports Review article on Telfair and Rondo.  It talks about why they didn’t succeed with their respective teams, and why things might be different in Boston.  One can hope.

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NFL Training Camps Open

Yes, people like the JollyBlogger and the CavIntern can wake up and shake off their depressions.  The NFL season draws neigh.

I am a man for all (sport) seasons, though not all sports.  If you ever meet R.C. Jr. ask him to explain what makes a sport a sport.  It is entertaining.  I have no great layoff periods where I’m not following an active sport.  This is much to the CavWife’s dismay, sadly.

But, now is the time for Deion Branch to honor his contract and show up to camp.  It is time for Maroney to sign a contract.  It is time to see if Rodney Harrison has recovered.  It is time to see who will take Adam’s place as placekicker.  It is time to see if the 2 wide receiver sets confound the opponents and lead us back to the Super Bowl.  So we can stop blabbing about the Coach’s divorce and all that non-football stuff.  Time to get in shape!

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“Well, let Luther call me a devil, call me what he will, yet I will acknowledge Luther to be the servant of Jesus Christ, and one whom Christ doth use as an instrument of a great deal of good.”  John Calvin, as noted in Sermon XIII of Jeremiah Burroughs, The Saints’ Happiness.

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From Between Two Worlds:

“New Testament scholar Leon Morris died on Monday afternoon in Melbourne after hip surgery, aged 92. His funeral will be at Holy Trinity Doncaster, Melbourne, on July 31 at 10.30 am.”
Sadly, like most scholars, we know little to nothing about his life and family.  I have benefitted greatly from his scholarship and books.  I think his best book was The Cross in the New Testament, which was a longer treatment of the cross than his Apostolic Preaching of the Cross.  His New Testament Theology is also a very fine book.  I am currently using The Gospel According to Matthew in the Pillar New Testament Commentary Series.  The church is much better off for having had this servant of Christ in its midst.  You heard of no scandal associated with Dr. Morris.

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