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“There is an inevitable collision between God and man.  Man is traumatized by and is hostile to the holy presence of God.  Yet we were built for fellowship with God.  We cannot live with God and we cannot live without God.  This is the essence of man’s condition.  All our problems flow from it, and none can be understood apart from it.”  Tim Keller in Ministries of Mercy.

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The “Doomed” Sox

Wow, I just can’t believe the injuries that have been piling up for the Red Sox, coinciding with their swoon.  Remember, Red Sox Nation, they were in first place most of the year.  They had the 2nd best record in baseball at the All-Star Break.  This is not a bad team.  It is a hurt team.

David Wells- missed the majority of the season with a bad knee

Matt Clement- missed the majority of the season with a bad shoulder

Lenny DiNardo- missed the majority of the season with a neck injury

Keith Foulke- missed most of the season with back and arm issues.

Tim Wakefield- injured ribs, missed the last month.

Jon Lester- bad back and enlarged lymph nodes.  It could just be an infection, but it could also be MUCH worse.

That, my friends, is just the pitching staff!

Trot Nixon- arm injury, missed a month

Jason Varitek- knee surgery, missed a month (and a key one at that).

Wily Mo Pena- wrist problems, missed a significant portion of the season.

Coco Crisp- broken finger, and now an injured shoulder

Big Papi- irregular heartbeat

Manny- bum knee

Alex Gonzales- bad back (what is it with SS and the Sox?)

Mirabelli- ankle injury

Gabe Kapler- rehabbed his leg for much of the year

So… yes, they are losing.  But don’t give this “they suck” crap.  How do you replace that many guys, including significant guys, unless you can go out and spend millions more?  You can’t.  It happens, and it is NO ONE’S fault.

But if we get Papi, Manny, ‘Tek, Pena and Trot back with some adequete pitching…. we can at least make it interesting.  So stop the frickin’ whining, and start cheering.

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CT has a new interview with Jars of Clay singer Dan Haseltine about the new album called Good Monsters, and his own new honesty.

Some people may be shocked by some of Dan’s confessions.  I guess I’m not.  I know the temptations of isolation.  I’ve heard of some Christian musicians who had similar problems on the road (remember, the roadies aren’t stupid).  And I know Dan is a sinner.

Personally I’m excited for Dan.  He is beginning the process of letting people in, and tearing down the walls he has erected.  This will result in a more authentic Christian life, and greater music.  He attributes it, in part, to growing up and also to the impact of hymns- singing of God’s greatness, and our depravity.

So, some people might be dismayed, discouraged or even outraged that Dan ‘fesses up to some big sins.  But he is discovering a big God who bore a big cross.  As Steve Brown told us repeatedly, “Demons die in the light.”

Or as they sing, “God will lift up your head” (live from Boston).

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“We must embrace the truth that no one wants our sexual satisfaction more than God.  I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s true.  This being the case, you may rest assured that He has provided everything necessary for your success and for your holiness.  This is important to understand because people who struggle with sexual sin feel hopelessly locked into an unbreakable cycle of failure.”  Sam Storms in Pleasures Evermore

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17 The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him. Proverbs 18 (NIV)

By Faith Magazine has an excellent article by Mark Bergin on the division in the evangelical community on the issue of global warming.  Mark is a sports reporter in Seattle, and a member of Mars Hill Church.  But Global Warming & Christian Stewardship shows he’s no jock.

The issues between the 2 groups aren’t on the question of climate change itself, but rather what are the causes(s), what are the expected consequences, and therefore the best possible solutions.  The ECI document assumes that the primary cause is human activity, the results will be catastrophic and that the political solutions put forth in the Kyoto Protocol or Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth are appropriate.  They were the first to speak for evangelicals.  And many influential Christians signed the document.  As a result, many Christians think this is the way to go.

As I’ve written in other places on this blog, well-respected climatologists like Richard Lindzen, Roy Spencer, and John Christy disagree.  It would seem like some of the leaders who signed it aren’t completely on board.  Some signed because they view this as an issue Christians need to speak to (and no other Christian group was), some didn’t realize that it would advocate the policy changes it does.


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I Want A Real Schilling

No, this has nothing to do with Curt Schilling.  I watched Lady Jane, about King Edward’s cousin that was Queen of England for 9 days before Bloody Mary took the throne.

Her first request as Queen, in the movie, was to have a ‘real schilling’, one made of silver.  That schilling would have value, and restore the possibility of prosperity to the poor suffering under the quick pendulem swing of reformational England.

So, I wondered- what would be your first request if you were King or Queen?

btw: I don’t recommend husbands and wives reading the Bible together topless by the light of the fireplace.  Sort of distracting…

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My Father Must Be Watching

One of the little jokes my father and I have is that he is the reason the Red Sox hadn’t won in 86 years.  Well, why any Boston team hadn’t won from 1986-2002.  He claimed, “Sure, the Patriots win after I stop watching them.  Bums.”  Or something like that.  So, I then forbid him from watching any significant games.  During the 2004 playoffs I had to remind him, “You are not to cheer for the Red Sox.”

Well, he mentioned David Wells when I saw him at the beginning of the month.  Hmmm. Right before this meltdown precipitated by a string of injuries that have seen the Sox plummet in the standings.  Dad- if you are watching the Sox (and Patriots and Celtics) you must stop now, before you kill us all.  Please……. show mercy!

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