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Lately, I’ve seen this mini van driving around time with this on the back:  Time has an end- 2011.  I usually saw it in traffic, but today it was in the parking lot of Wal-Mart.  So I was able to get the web address.  Through Family Radio I was able to link to the Time Has An End site, which promotes Harold Campings new book on eschatology which asserts that time will end in 2011.

Not content with the fact that only the Father knows the established end, and thinking he can out-Whisenant Edgar Whisenant (he of the 88 Reasons the Rapture will be in 1988, followed by 89 Reasons the Rapture will be in 1989 both of which were obviously WRONG).  Actually, Camping has done this sort of thing before.  In 1992 he predicted the rapture would take place on September 27, 1994.  That qualifies him as…. a false prophet according to Scripture.  Can we stop doing this, please?!

Just for fun, the Rapture Index is currently at 159 (the record high is 182).

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Islam and Jesus

This is from a Q & A about salvation.  Islam teaches that our atonement for sin is “repentance” and obedience (much like post-temple Judaism).  There is no sacrificial death to remove our sin, and pay our debt.  This is the religion the flesh creates.

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Cannibis.  Mary Jane.  That kind of pot.  Los Angeles pastor, Rev. Craig X. Ruben, was recently arrested for possessing marijuana.  That alone would be an interesting story.  But to make it better, the Temple 420 pastor filed a lawsuit for $30 million.

“Our congregation mandates members study the Bible, have faith in God and regularly burn the herb cannabis (The Tree of Life mentioned in the Bible) as sacrament,” says the lawsuit filed Wednesday in state court.” (from the AP story)

He was ordained by the Universal Life Church in 1990.  I’ve heard of receiving pew rents (the original compensation for Spurgeon), but the article continues:

“The temple has an estimated 400 members who pay a $100 initiation fee and $100 annual dues, enabling them to purchase marijuana for requested donations. Marijuana also is burned during some services. In drug culture, “420” is slang for marijuana.”

I’m thinking the free exercise of religion doesn’t cover this weirdness.

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The Endtimers

The place is Lake City, FL.  It is on I-75 between Gainesville and the Georgia border.  One of my elders went their on business recently and saw some unusual folks.  A few questions prompted him to learn more about the group people call The Endtimers. 

In 1984 Charles Meade and his followers moved there.  Things … well, changed.  Ordinary citizens fear their town is being taken over, forcibly, by the Endtimers.  One lady found members “claiming her business” in the name of Jesus, and has discovered uninvited real estate agents inspecting her property.  After other acts of harassment, she bought a pistol, just in case.

Over 1,000 people followed the ex-Ball Manufacturing Co. employee in the early 90’s.  He claims “he has visited the evening star, walked with God along the Milky Way, healed the sick, revived the dead and “in the name of Jesus” commanded would-be robbers to drop their weapons.”

The purpose of End Times Ministries, according to sermons gathered by Cult Help and Information is “”God’s going to have a mighty army in this end time. The army that he spoke about in Joel. And you’re some of the people. This generation here is the one that’s going to bring Jesus back.”

“He talks about establishing a Society of “the greatest people that ever walked the face of the Earth.” And he talks of himself, as someone doing something that has never been done.”


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