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Yesterday CavSon had his speech and hearing evaluation.  I brought him up to Orlando to get lost in the new construction downtown.  Not too lost.  The exit Map Quest wanted me to take was for a toll road, not the road I wanted/needed.  I figured it out without the help of a GPS or Onstar (p-p-p-please). [apparently the photo file is corrupted, which is a shame since it is a great picture]

The therapist and the intern were very nice and he played well with them.  They checked for his comprehension of what was said, what sounds he was able to say, and if he could identify objects that are described rather than named.

His comprehension was good.  He was only a few months behind- which considering his time in the orphanage (particularly the first 6 months) and having recently moved to the U.S. was not bad.  It was to be expected.  His speaking skills are quite behind, as you would expect since he did not have a palate until a month ago, and English is not his original language.  He does well with the vowels, which are easy.  He is able to pronounce “h, m, n, th”.  I can’t remember if he did “s”.  He has to learn to create suction for some of the other consonants.

He is actually trying to speak more than we thought.  With the missing consonants it just sounds like he’s humming or babbling.  He’ll need plenty of speech therapy, which is not a big deal.  This is something else he probably wouldn’t get back home. 

CavDaughter is discovering embarrassment.  She becomes embarrassed when she discovers she has done something wrong.  I’m still trying to figure out the best way to respond to this new behavior on her part.  In some ways it is funny.  In others, a bit frustrating.

At a birthday party she got a memory card game and wanted me to play it with her.  Before her nap she seemed to grasp it and do fairly well.  In the evening it was like a completely different person.  She was distracted and didn’t follow the rules.  Go figure.

The highlight of Catan Night (we play Monday nights) was listening to one friend describe the rules of hockey to another who had grown up in CA.  The best part was explaining why scoring has gone up and describing the role of the enforcer and how goalies used to hit opposing players in the crease.  Lots of hand motions and Batman sounds (think the campy old TV show- which we also talked about at length).  This all makes more sense when you realize I didn’t win.

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I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to post in the next week or so.  Yesterday I went to Presbytery.  Between where I am cicumstance-wise and some decisions made, I’m pretty discouraged.  I’m not excited abou the direction our Presbytery seems to be moving.  I’ll leave it at that.

On the way home I dropped the laptop off for the Geek Squad to try and fix the problem with the screen, again.  It intermitently goes blank, like there is a short.  We need to fix this before the extended warrentee goes the way of all flesh.  But this means I can’t go on-line at home.  Office time is a bit infrequent right now as family responsibilities take up some time.

Today CavWife brings the boy to the surgeon’s office for his post-op check-up.  His stitches will be removed.  We are concerned that there seems to be a “valley” on one side of his palate.  I will stay home with the girl, listening to her pound on the wall as she rocks instead of naps.  I may try to watch The Simpsons Movie again before returning it to its rightful owner.  Or I may sit outside and prepare for the Family Study as we wrap up 1 Peter 2.

I am excited about how well the Red Sox are playing right now.  This despite the missed starts by Beckett and Papi slump (which is over thankfully), Lowell’s injury and shaky starts by Lester and Buchholz.  Ellsbury and Papi are helping the cause of dominating my fantasy baseball league. 

Congrats to KG for getting some of the recognition he deserves for making the Celtics one of the best defensive teams, which transformed them into a winning team.  To watch them in the playoffs, expecting them to win, is a feeling I have not had since the late 80’s.  And I’m loving it!

The Bruins at least made a series out of it with Montreal.  I expected the Canadians to sweep them.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The downfall of Game 7 was losing their aggressiveness.  They seemed more reactive than proactive so the Canadians just walked away with the game.  Or perhaps skated away.

The girl is currently getting her first experience of Rossini here in the office.  She seems to enjoy it despite the fact it has no lyrics (on this CD).  I have to bring her home now.

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It is D-Day for the Mitchell Report.  There has been lots of speculation going on.  Some find it less than coincidental that 2 of the names leaked are those of Yankees (Clemens and Pettite) since former Senator Mitchell is on the Red Sox board of directors.  Well, according the Boston Herald ….

“Mitchell, the former U.S. Senator from Maine and current Red Sox director who has been on a leave of absence from the team and its payroll since March 2006, was asked by commissioner Bud Selig to head the investigation into the sport’s not-so-secret immersion in the world of steroids and human growth hormone since the mid-1990s. This so-called steroid era has coincided with a period of incredible revenue growth in baseball.”

He asked critics to judge him based on the work in the report, not conjecture.  Fair ’nuff. 

The other bit of controversy expressed by a number of people is the standard necessary to find one’s name on the List of Infamy.  We are not sure of that, and perhaps it will be addressed in the report and news conference.  I’m sure they have to explain why people are on there- not just because of “a cancelled check written out to a club house guy” who was procurring steroids for other players.

I can understand the temptation to use steroids.  Management has been rewarding some of those who took steroids with big, bigger and mamouth contracts.  In a business when you have a short shelf-life there is the temptation to maximize your performance to maximize your contract values.  In a day when a lengthy rehabilitation can stunt your numbers, there is temptation to take steroids to speed up rehab or deal with injuries that would normally slow you down.  As salaries increase, so does the perceived need to take these substances.


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Boston.com’s Amalie Benjamin reports that a deal MIGHT be done between the Red Sox and the Twins for Johan Santana.  They have exchanged medical info on Santana and Jon Lester.  The deal is thought to be Jon Lester, Coco Crisp, SS prospect Jed Lowrie and pitching prospect Justin Masterson.  That is 2 MLB-ready players that immediately fill holes for the Twins, and 2 hot prospects.  I really wish they didn’t have to give up Lowrie, but he’ll be ready for the pros before Lugo’s contract is up.  We’ll be missing him then (or before) but it would be unfair to him to keep holding him back.

That being said, I think the Red Sox are overpaying for Santana.  They gave up 2 pitching prospects for Pedro Freakin’ Martinez.  Now they are giving up 2 pitchers and 2 everyday players for Santana- who could be the lefty version of Pedro.  Santana would benefit from having a high-powered offense backing him up (no 15-10 seasons here).  But you have to wonder how the price paid, and the contract extension will play in the clubhouse.  How does a huge contract affect the frame of mind of, say, Josh Beckett who is in the same elite pitching status in my mind.

Here is Schilling’s perspective on the trade possibility.

I missed the first half of the Patriots-Ravens game.  The second half was stressful enough.  Playing in the “wind bowl” meant that the Ravens wisely kept the ball on the ground and the Patriots had trouble stopping the Ravens (they have had this issue pop up with the Cowboys, Colts and Eagles).  The same wind kept Brady from his usually efficient performance.  It was an ugly game, particularly at the end with the Raven pyrotechnics. 


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It took OT to do it, but the BU Terriers’ men’s hockey team beat crosstown rival BC.  Well, actually they are just a few miles up the Green Line from BU.  We, obviously, are right next to Kenmore Square and the Fens.  So we’ve got that going for us.  And, yet another Beanpot Title.  Coach Parker and the boys have to build another trophy case.

Oh, I miss the days when I could watch it on ESPN2.

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Oops, BU Did It Again

My alma mater has once again advanced to the Beanpot Title game.  Boston University defeated Northeastern (my father’s alma mater) 4-0.

What is the Beanpot, you may ask?  It is the annual collegiate hockey tournament to determine which is the best in Boston.  BU has dominated, winning 27 out of 54 years.  Hey, we don’t have a football team anymore, but we Terriors can play hockey!  They will play the winner of the BC-Harvard game later this evening.

We have won 10 of the last 12, and been in the title game 23 of the last 24 years.  That is pretty stinking impressive.  Hats off to Coach Parker and the boys!  (you may note this is one of the few times in a given year I even mention BU unprovoked)

Go Terriers!

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