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Being a dad is a magnificent thing.  My little girl is growing up WAY too fast.  Soon I’ll have to get a 9mm and work on the “Application to Date CavGirl” form. 

She went to a friend’s birthday party this past weekend where they all dressed up like beautiful little girls and acted like models.  She wasn’t too sure about that lipstick.  But I think she had a great time despite having that stuff on her lips.  They forgot the sparkle and CavWife decided that with a long car ride home, it was best not to have it put on anyway.

CavWife forgot the camera, but did have the new cell phone which has a camera.  So I still got to see how she looked since I was home with the boy.  Suddenly she is more interested in dresses.  It fits, she’s a bit of a diva.

It is moments like this that she brings such joy to my heart.  She can be so full of life and creativity.  It is great!

Then there is my Warrior.  CavBoy is a complete hoot.  He’s finally climbing out of the crib (hey, he’s short for his age!).  We’ve begun potty training- which is a bit of a trip.  He’s doing fairly well.  He tells us when the poop is coming- we just need a bit more warning.  He’ll get it.

But I think he’s going to be an MMA star one of these days.  Wrestling seems to come naturally to him.  When you pick him up, he goes limp making it harder to maneuver him.  He has already learned that the head controls the body and will stiff arm you as you play on the floor.  He’ll also use his forearm to apply pressure in unpleasant places. 

Don't Let the Shoes Fool You!

Do Not Let the Shoes Fool You!

I’m not sure how he learned this.  It’s not like I’m watching it and he’s sitting with me.  Maybe it’s in his Chinese DNA.  Or my imagination.  He likes to roll around on the floor with his sister, and with me.  He tries to play with the dog, but he’s too old and arthritic.  Too bad he missed Huck’s salad days.  Huck would have been excited to have this guy to play with.

Yes, those are his ‘big boy undies’.  He still has trouble getting all the way up in front.  CavWife thinks it is hilarious.  I shake my head in shame.

CavWife has pushed me into going onto Facebook.  As a result, most of these things (family oriented things) will be there.  I think I can upload more photos more easily (thanks to the glitches in the laptop’s security system that makes life difficult).  You can find both of us on Facebook.  I really hope it doesn’t suck up all our free time.

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I can’t remember what the name of this tree is.  But we bought it because of these beautiful purple flowers.  I’m a sucker for purple flowers.  Perhaps it has to do with that line from The Choir’s Circle Slide album.  These are very beautiful purple flowers.

Sadly we have seen too little of them!  Every time we go away on vacation something happens to the tree.  It comes back around just before we head off again.  Last summer it was a dry August, and we returned to find it nearly dead.  In mid-December it had been revived such that blossoms were beginning to reappear.  We were off for Christmas vacation.  While away there was a frost.  The tree had to be pruned back there was so much damage to it.  It has just been in the last few weeks that the flowers re-emerged.  I decided to take a picture just in case something happened, again.  While in bloom, these flowers could work a spell on any potential buyers!

This is from our mandevilla.  A friend gave it to us years ago.  Not too long ago it was over-run with catapillars.  We haven’t seen any of the beautiful flowers that attract the butterflies who lay those eggs on it.  It has finally bounced back, and these pretty flowers also have a very pleasant smell to them.  The bring great delight to CavWife.  Once again, I’m hoping they catch the nose and eye of a prospective buyer.

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This could be why he has gained 2 lbs since coming home, without any increase in height.  Yes, he has quite the bhudda belly at this point.  He can’t see his diaper.  His belly gets stuck when he tries to climb down from his booster seat.  He’s becoming a bit more adventurous- now able to climb in the car and up to his car seat.  He’s no longer afraid to climbe down from his booster seat.  He’s content on the swing as long as he can keep an eye on a big person.  It is funny to see him craning his neck to keep an eye on you.

He’s still cautious in new places, and with new people (not altogether a bad thing).  His first time at the play area at the mall it took him about 10 minutes to even get near something to climb on.  After another 10 minutes he was finally getting into the play houses and cars.  It was a process, and we had to wait CavSon out.

Parenting him is very different than CavDaughter.  He is all boy, and tends to throw things & hit when he’s angry.  She finds the boundary and comes as close to it as she can without crossing it.  He …. well, forget that boundary.  He wants what he wants when he wants it, and that makes life interesting.  Living with 2 toddlers is like experiencing James 4:1-6 non-stop.  Ultimate desires rage (“I need that!”) and we’re supposed to restrain the insanity.  No matter what you do someone is crying, so you feel like a lousy parent much of the time.  I’m not so wild about that part.  But they sure can be cute when they want to.

Oh, the laptop is back from the shop and now we have lots of photos to enjoy.  A family photo will be heading out to various family and friends.  I hope to get a copy of it on here too.

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This is the latest in bike helmets.  Quite fashionable, and safe!

We bought her a “big girl bed” yesterday and set it up in her room.  The crib is still up.  She still isn’t sure if she wants to sleep so high up without protection (we did buy a side protector).  She had her 3rd year check-up and is now 28 lbs. (after being sick much of the week), and 37 inches tall.  She’s getting so big, and just had a growth spurt that we noticed when her shoes didn’t fit anymore.

She is very tender-hearted.  She has lots of sympathy tears, and her spirit is easily hurt.  Presents an interesting challenge to me, that’s for sure.

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This is Brett Butterfly for the VBS Network, your sports broadcaster for the Great Race!

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That is one big locust, folks.  We sure can grow them in Florida.

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That must be one GREAT pedicure.  What is included?

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From a few Saturdays ago.


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My in-laws’ place in the Airdondack after the Big Storm last week.  Notice the car on the right.

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Friday Photo: 2/9/07


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