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That's one big gator.

When CavWife and I were first married we bought annual passes to Busch Gardens.  It only cost us the price of one admission, so that was a no-brainer.  We enjoyed going, and I particularly enjoyed the roller coasters (one time I enjoyed them too much due to the absence of a line).  But we haven’t been in nearly 8 years.  With our immanent move to AZ on the horizon, we decided to take the kids to build some memories.  We thought they’d love the animals.

A friend connected us with free passes for pre-school kids.  I was able to get discounted tickets for CavWife and I through my job at the hospital.  We picked a day and decided to go.  The night before we went I was on line looking at rides for pre-schoolers.  They have a new Sesame Street Pre-School area with rides and a water area.  Looked way cool.

They just wanted to touch the duck

We got a late start on our trip, leaving 50 minutes later than I had wanted to leave.  The clouds were quasi-ominous, but started to clear as we drew near to Busch Gardens.  Since we recently went to Disney, I was comparing them as we went.  In terms of parking, Busch Gardens was cheaper than Disney.  We had a spot right by the tram, but we walked (why, oh why- oh, because it is a pain to fold the strollers when they have water bottles and lunch in them).

We entered the park and began to get oriented and develop a plan of action.  There they had a countdown to the opening of the new Sesame Street area- we were 1 day early.  Ooops.  Maybe we’ll head back since the passes are good for 2 weeks.  So we checked out the gators- the really old, fat and sleepy gators.  But the kids loved it, and that is what matters.


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My fleeting prayers, quite selfish, were answered.  The kids were not up at 4:30 or 5 am.  Nor was I.  We “slept in” until about 6 am, so I guess we are on Central Time.  Maybe we’ll be on Mountain Time tomorrow.

Shortly after getting out of bed (which differs from when I woke up) I saw an awesome sunrise from the window of our hotel suite (hey, there are 4 of us).  The outline of the mountains and the red clouds made for quite the sight.

Just as good, my back was feeling good.  I was pleasantly surprised, especially since it was sore when I woke up around 3 am.

Mmmm ... waffles

We had our “free” continental breakfast and were delighted to discover we could make our own … waffles.  Sadly, no peanut butter to spread on my waffle but still good.  Both kids got syrup on the front of their shirts, and CavGirl managed to get a blob in the hair on the back of her head.  That’s one magic glob of syrup, folks.

CavGirl's Car Seat


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It is hard to believe it is Saturday.  Life has slowed down tremendously since we hopped on that plane Tues. morning.  The big rush to de-clutter the house was done.  We were packed and gone.

Since then I’ve been doing some reading.  That has been hard for me lately.  I’ve had trouble concentrating.  There were far too many things going on, and I deperately needed a change of scenery- and weather.  I got both.  So my concentration has returned.  As you may have noticed, I read Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christian.  Dr. Nicole taught me to read those I don’t agree with (or other ivew points) so I can see their own arguments first hand lest someone mischaracterize them.  Glad I read it, and I still disagree with him.

In addition to starting to read Job, I’m reading Sinclair Ferguson’s book on Ruth, Faithful God.  It is really good.  As someone who is going through a difficult time, I need that reminder that God’s plan is not always evident until it has completely unfolded.  And that might be long after you’re gone.

It’s not all serious- I’m reading a Dean Koontz novel I picked off the bookshelf here.

I’ve been helping my brother-in-law get the website ready for his business.  I’ll also be helping to get their financial system integrated on the software.  My sister-in-law has too much going on the learn the system and get it all integrated herself.  Since the guys at Riedinger & Sons are heading off to Mississippi for a missions trip today, I’ll be able to work on this with no new invoices etc. 

The weather has been quite varied.  Plenty of sun, and plenty of rain too.  The tempuratures are mostly in the 60’s-70’s.  A very nice  change of pace allowing me to sit outside and read.  Sadly, no cigars to enjoy outside.  But my sister-in-law provided me with some Smithwick’s Irish Ale as a treat.  Quite nice.

I helped my other brother-in-law work on his new house today.  I was priming the dry wall in a few closets.  And tonight I’m cooking some Cajun Back Ribs.

I know some of you are more concerned about the kids.  They are having a blast.  CavGirl loves coming here and playing with her cousins.  It is the first time CavBoy has come to the Farm.  He might be feeling a bit left behind as she goes on adventures with her cousins.  But he’s getting more adventurous.  Both are playing long and hard, so naps and night time have been met with quickly nodding off to sleep.  Parenting has required less time and energy.

I got some great pictures of the humming birds.  At one point there were 5 vying for the feeder.  I couldn’t get the beautiful finch.  He was too skittish when I came near with the camera.  That and the territorial battle he was engaged in with another bird.  I don’t have the right software here, so posting any of them will have to wait.

I was disappointed to discover that my capo and picks were not in the guitar case where I thought I left them.  This greatly reduces what I can do with old vacation guitar while I’m up here.

Well, a beautiful sunny afternoon is calling my name.

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