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In the 80’s I was a big fan of the Doors.  Yes, I got on the band wagon well after Jim Morrison’s death.  I read Danny Sugarman’s biography, No One Gets Out of Here Alive, twice in high school and college.  I first heard them through my older brother.  That is one of the joys of having older siblings.  They exposed me to all kinds of great music, including the Doors.

They had a unique sound that was hypnotic.  It really was like Morrison cast a spell on the listeners.  Krieger’s guitar sound was unlike anyone else’s at the time, sounding like a strange, dark carnival.  After I became a Christian I started to listen to them less.  Some of the songs were just too dark and disturbing.  What drew me in as a teen apart from Christ began to turn me off as one in Christ.

But, when I saw the documentary When You’re Strange was available on Netflix for streaming, I figured I’d watch.  It was strange.  Johnny Depp was probably the best choice to be the narrator.  Val Kilmer may have been a good choice too (I never saw the movie, but now that may change).  But Depp has a strange sort of charisma like Morrison.

The documentary blends old footage of Morrison and the band to tell the story of the Doors.  It is fascinating in many ways.  It is confusing in others.  There is footage that recurs about a man similar to Morrison (could be him for all I know).  It didn’t connect with the story line.  I kept wondering if this was supposed to be Jim’s new life after faking his death in Paris.  They never said.

It was interesting to hear some of the background information about the songs.  For some reason I didn’t realize they never had a real national toward.  Morrison blew that apart the first night in Miami.  I’m still not sure why he was allowed to leave the country while his felony case was under appeal.  There was one last burst of creative activity before his death that resulted in on of their best albums- L.A. Woman.  When you consider they released 6 albums in less than 5 years it is amazing to consider how productive they were (especially since spent 11 months making one of them).

This live footage from Europe demonstrates how they had to cover for his antics.  And their incredible musicianship.  I wonder at times if Bono has studied Morrison to learn about showmanship, just without the mind altering substances.  Like Morrison he was not a trained singer, and not known for a great voice.  But both displayed a mastery of bringing people into an experience.

Morrison was a conflicted man.  He loved and craved the attention.  Yet he wanted to be free.  He repeatedly wanted to walk away from it all.  His drug and alcohol abuse made life increasingly difficult for the rest of the band.  You have to wonder, if there was someone wanting to fake his death, it would be Morrison.

While the movie was interesting there are certain realities regarding rock stars, particularly during the 60’s.  The various footage includes plenty of profanity and some nudity- both male and female.  It is for adult audiences, not interested teen-aged fans.

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Mark Driscoll’s in trouble again.  Some people have found some of the language in his book Confessions of a Reformissionary Rev to be offensive.  I have not read the book, but intend to.  I did read the section in the link above (and found it funny, but I’m weird).  The GospelDriven Life has some great points on those who are pointing to the splinter in Mark’s eye.

There is nothing like a cuss word or crude reference to a body part/sexual act to upset a fundamentalist.  Let me start by saying I grew up across the street from some of the most foul mouthed people around.  It was like living Good Will Hunting.  Now, I know this is hard for some of you to believe- but many people actually speak like that.

Joe Carter in the Evangelical Outpost has a great post on the subject of vulgarity.  A few things-

1. The language Mark used is PG compared to a number of places in Scripture where God is literally exposing the sins of Israel.  Try reading Whoredom: God’s Unfaithful Wife in Biblical Theology Ray Ortlund, Jr (now entitled God’s Unfaithful Wife).  God is not nearly as embarrassed by earthy language as we are.  Ever read Luther’s Tabletalk?  Lots of stories and words to upset the dainty-eared.

2. In Isaiah 6 we see that Isaiah repented of being a man of unclean lips from a people of unclean lips (check out my sermon on it).  Did he need to have his mouth washed out with soap like I did as a youngster?  In our culture we’d lean toward cussin’ & swearing.  But Isaiah was most likely confessing that he and his people had spoken the names of false gods to deliver them.  They were probably criticizing God because things weren’t going well.  They had forsaken the true and living God.  The use of slang terms is not the issue here.


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