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Last night we watched a disturbing independent movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Carrie-Anne Moss called Unthinkable.  Though disturbing, it is an effective movie that makes you seriously consider how far you will hang on to your principles in the discussion of heightened interrogation techniques when potentially millions of lives are on the line.

The film makers stack the deck against you.  They start with the “nightmare” scenario of 3 nuclear bombs placed around the country.  If the government cuts funding to the programs that work to keep such nuclear material outside our borders, this could happen sooner than you’d like to think.  They were not placed there by just any Muslim terrorist, but by an American convert who used to belong to the Delta Force.  Yes, he’s fully aware of all interrogation techniques and is purposely caught.

Enter Carrie-Anne Moss as FBI agent Brody who provides, or tries to, the moral compass of the movie.  She is a Harvard law school grad.  So, she’s all about the rule of law and protecting the rights of individual citizens.  When she sees the initial interrogator at work, she’s upset.  He’s merely making the man uncomfortable.


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