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I was born in New England. I grew up in New Hampshire (part of New England for those whose knowledge of geography is fuzzy). I became a Christian while attending college in New England. My formative years as a Christian were in New England. When I left home in 1991 to attend seminary in Florida, my intention was to return to the area. God had other plans for me (sort of like how Paul was sent to the Gentiles instead of his fellow Jews), but I still have a heart for New England (much to the frustration of some friends) and long to see the Reformed church return to New England. The PCA and OPC are trying to plant churches in the region.


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Too often we hear about selfish agendas, monuments to egos and other disgraceful things when churches make the news.  It is the bad stuff, the proof that we really need a Savior.  Rarely do you hear the news that proves that the Savior lives and changes people- news about sacrifice for others, dying to self so that others might benefit.

Winter Haven is “splant” central.  It is notorious for bitterness and selfish ambition resulting in new churches split off from existing churches to serve self more than Jesus.

One of my friends was pastor of an aging, struggling church.  Closure seemed inevitable.  What to do with the property?

When our church closed we were tempted to sell our assets to other congregations.  But we decided to make them available to other churches, especially church plants, free of charge.

My friend had an even better idea- they just gave their facility to a new church plant.  They wanted to see the facility used to further the kingdom.  It wasn’t about money, but the kingdom.  It was about leaving an inheritance, so to speak, for the next generation.

Here is more.  In the midst of all the stories you hear about how horribly Christians can treat each other, doesn’t this one give you hope?  It does me, and I need that right about now.

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