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No, this is not about climate change.

Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual and the Church cover image

This is about a different kind of climate change. This is about the current climate in churches regarding homosexuality. Peter Hubbard is not only concerned about how individual Christians interact with homosexuals, but how congregations interact with, talk about and treat homosexuals. As a result, there as a chapter in Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual and the Church called Climate.

He begins by building a good analogy. In Revelation Jesus is revealed as the Lion who is a Lamb. He is a King as well as a Priest who sacrifices Himself. There is both strength and tenderness, righteousness and compassion. The Church is intended to reflect His glory and His character. Churches are tempted to focus on only one side of Christ and present a false face to the world, and homosexuals about who Christ is and what He thinks about them.

“When we talk as if homosexuals do not belong in the church, we misrepresent the gospel in at least three ways: “We are not sinners, you are,” “Sin comes in acceptable forms and unacceptable forms,” and “You will belong here only after you get your act together.” Each of these assumptions denies the power and process of the grace of Christ for real and lasting change.”

As an example of a “church” (and I use this term quite loosely) that is fixated on Christ as Lion, Hubbard gives Westboro Baptist Church. They stress the righteousness and justice of God, rightly calling sin sin. But they have no gospel (which is why I use the term church loosely). They think they have the ministry of condemnation, when we’ve actually been given the ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5).

This kind of church, or Christian, focuses on the sinfulness side of things. There is an “us vs. them” mentality as though all homosexuals were militant activists seeking to destroy the Church. He recalls a time when a guest began to talk about homosexuals using stereotypes as though he’d get some laughs. He didn’t. This kind of church likes using the labels to ostracize people, keep them out because we don’t like “them.”


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There is a church here in town that goes by the name, The Cool Church. I’m not talking about that today. Maybe some other day. But today I am tired and distracted, so this may not go in a good direction …

I’m talking about when the climate change agenda takes root in the church.

Note the wind turbine in the place of the cross.

I got a letter from a different local church today inviting us to their Cool Congregations Workshop. It is sponsored by the church’s Green Team. Yes, they have a “green team” to help them become better stewards of creation. I’m all for good stewardship, but this needs a whole team?

They are bringing the crowd from the Arizona Interfaith Power and Light down from Tempe to discuss a religious response to climate change.

Here is the agenda:

  • Address the ABC’s of climate change
  • Explore how climate change is a moral and spiritual issue
  • Measure your own carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it
  • Learn about The Other Side of the Meter: Local, state and federal policies on energy and climate change
  • Discover how to organize a Cool Congregations program in your own congregation


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