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The deal is the deal.


Because sometimes the deal changes.

My parents were supposed to visit us in NY for a few days. My father has some things he wanted to talk about. But when your mother has Alzheimer’s things can change. She wasn’t up for a long ride to New York, and she really wasn’t sure who she was going to visit.

My father called an audible, which was okay. I’m not really sure how to handle this development with my kids. I’m not sure how they will respond if they realize my mother has no idea who they are.

So I agreed to travel to them and spend a night at a friend’s house. My plan was to leave around 7 am. Man plans, and God laughs. No, nothing dramatic. I just wanted to do a few things before I left. I packed light, except for books.  I needed my caffeine fix so I made tea. I needed a travel much to keep it in so I borrowed one from my in-laws. By the time I wrote down the routes I wanted it was nearly 8 am. I was off. I could still make it to NH around lunchtime.

Just before I reached the end of Route 8, about 10 minutes away, I realized I forgot the book I was going to give to my father. I’d picked up an extra copy of Keller’s Walking with God through Pain and Suffering. I’m not sure he’d read it, but you never know what the Spirit might do. I knew that I should have taken it out the night before. Well, heading back wouldn’t cost too much head back and I really didn’t want to mail it. So I turned around. When I left, for real, it was 8:30. I didn’t see a cup holder, so I had to pull over to secure the travel mug because things were sliding around. Things just weren’t starting off well.

The radio in the Subee ( the nickname for  the Subaru) doesn’t have an aux jack, so I had to settle for the few stations. These were not good options. Mostly they were NPR. I learned quite a bit about Albany’s politics, including the stat that since 2000 10% of the state legislators have left due to corruption of one kind or another. I actually made pretty good time into Vermont. At times I got stuck behind the scenic drivers, the ones who drive 10-15 miles below the speed limit for unknown reasons. I recently read the Heidelberg Catechism on providence (actually I’m reading Kevin DeYoung’s book on it). I was neither patient, not thankful. I have a ways to go yet in this thing called sanctification.

When I finally took a sip of my tea, I made a shocking discovery. Teaffee! The coffee taste from the mug overpowered the taste of my tea. Not good, not good at all I say.

I had to change the station a few times to another NPR station, usually, as I made my way across Vermont. I often stop at a restaurant near the Quechee gorge. This time I was a little early for lunch when I arrived in Quechee. I tried to call my father to see if they had lunch plans but I had no service. That is another common problem alone Route 4 in Vermont. Shortly after getting on 89 I called my father and talked to him. We would be getting together for lunch. No more than 2 minutes after hanging up with him the highway became a parking lot. I had just passed an exit and was drawing near to a turn around. I quickly used my map app (thankfully I actually had service) and discovered a road that ran parallel to the highway to get me to the next exit. I turned around and got off the highway at the exit.


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Ascending to an Annex of Hades

Before I left CavWife gave me extra ear plugs for the poor soul unlucky enough to share a room with me.  What she didn’t realize is that CavNav, who shared said rundown heap with me, brought a large container of ear plugs with him.  He’d need them.  This despite the fact that the A/C unit ran 24/7.  The wall unit had to be as old or older than the 20+ year old TV.  Like the TV, it was missing buttons and knobs.  But eventually it cooled down the room.  Soon we were actually cold at night.

Additionally, he brought a small fan.  That added more white noise.  Despite all this, he could hear my distinctive “rattle” of a snore.  CavWife has since noted that at least he wasn’t next to me in bed like she is (without a loud A/C or fan to cover the non-melodious sound of my snoring).

Breakfast would be at 6:45 during our 5 work days.  It seemed to come early, but I was eager to share the Red Sox victory the night before.  I was even more eager to share what I’d read in Ephesians 2 after I woke up.

10For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

It was a good reminder that we were not in San Luis Rio by accident.  We were there by the sovereign will of God.  He’s planned this trip long before creation.  Our task, by faith, is to walk in it and bring Him glory.


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Yes, the Cavman is getting ready to leave the country.  Have no fear, it will only be for a week.  We’ll be going about 30 minutes south of Yuma, AZ to San Luis Rio Colorado.  We are working with BEAMM to assist a local congregation.

While we are they, we will be doing:

  • Light construction to finish an addition to a local congregation’s facility.
  • A backyard Bible Club to evangelize and edify children from the community.
  • Assist the host church with an evangelistic outreach.

If you would like to help me leave the country, you can donate to our team through Razoo.  I hope you’ll help us strengthen another congregation as they seek to make Christ and His gospel known along the border.

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