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I heard about this at work and decided to check into it.  Banks and credit card companies are now using “behavior analysis”.  Some people are having their credit limits lowered for shopping at the ‘wrong’ stores.

For those who prefer to read, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has it here.  The New York Times covers it here.

People shot at Wal-Mart for more reasons than just being broke and unable to pay their bills.  Some people want to save money.  This, hard to believe, how some people become rich.  They are prudent, wise and thrifty.  Now some credit companies want to penalize you for being prudent, wise and thrifty.  Hey, isn’t that how they got in this big mess in the first place?  Yes, they lent money to unwise people, rather than wise people.

His experiences have led Kevin Johnson to become an internet activist, and now to run for office.  Good for him!

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