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I thought I wrote something about this subject a few years ago. Apparently that post is like many conversations CavWife and I have had: we thought about it but never actually did it.

If I could turn back time, I would write that blog post advocating the use of civil unions as opposed to the push for gay marriage. I think our national leaders really let their constituents down.

Civil unions would grant people the rights often connected with marriage without trying to redefine marriage and engaging in the mother of all culture wars which has polarized America (and other nations) and taken one group out of the closet and is putting another group in the closet.

Civil unions aren’t marriage. Words matter. Ask any progressive; they are pro-choice not pro-abortion. They call their opponents anti-abortion instead of pro-life. The majority of Christians I know have no problem with civil unions but a big problem with gay marriage because of the word “marriage.”

By pushing for marriage (I understand activists pushing for this since they often had additional agendas) our national leaders pushed an entire population into a corner. Are you surprised people have their hackles up? Something they consider sacred (regardless of how we actually act in marriage) was up for a radical make over.

It pushed businesses into a corner. Maybe I’m crazy but fewer Christian bakers, photographers and DJs would have a problem working a civil union than a marriage. Even if they don’t, as we see from the arguments against the photographers in New Mexico they advertised they do weddings. If you don’t advertise civil unions as one service you provide you won’t get sued.

But this push for marriage over civil unions put these businesses into a dilemma that resulted in lawsuits. Litigiousness increased (of course many of our elected officials are lawyers).

I want to weep at times because so much of this was avoidable. This pain. This conflict. This polarization. This victimization. All of this was largely avoidable and homosexual partners would have gotten the rights most of them say they wanted- to be recognized legally for medical and death benefits. Our leaders either grossly miscalculated this thing or they purposely sought to maximize damage to particular populations. Out of charity I’ll assume they grossly miscalculated and future generations will suffer for that miscalculation.

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