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This may be a sign of things to come but two big things changed right before we left for vacation. First, my parents won’t be heading to NY to visit with us. Due to her illness I will have to make a quick trip to NH instead. Second, we decided to cancel our hotel reservations in Phoenix and just head up on Monday morning. Our flight was late enough that we’d probably get up about the same time and arrive in Phoenix before the traffic got really bad. I’m pretty good with saving $150 but was disappointed that we didn’t get to have dinner Sunday night at Longhorn. We enjoyed going there when we lived in Winter Haven. Until recently there wasn’t one in Tucson, and the new one is about 30 minutes away from our house. The ride there is mostly through city streets, not the highway. Did I mention that I hate traffic?

I ended up awakening earlier than expected Monday morning. This meant I got an early start on the last minute preparations. We were out the door at 6 am and made great time on the way to Phoenix, arriving earlier than expected. After we checked our bags we had breakfast before heading through security. I finished quickly and took a tour through the bookstore to see what was selling. Or at least being sold.

We got to the gate with at least an hour to go before boarding. In the past this has been a problem but this time the kids spread out and took some toys from their backpacks and played nicely and relatively quietly. CavWife and I were able to relax. She still has to wear a brace for the elbow that she broke in December in an effort to regain extension. This was a good opportunity to get an early boarding pass. In the past this meant we could all board early. This time it was only her. So she saved two rows while I waited for the family boarding time.

We had a relatively uneventful non-stop to Newark. The mother in front of us was obviously a germophobe, meticulously wiping down the seat and tray. Head trauma, not so much of a worry as she let her child move about their row without a seat belt despite the stretch of turbulence. Apparently she never heard the precautionary tale of Larry Norman.

Our kids, well…. three of them, watched one of the movies we downloaded onto the iPad. They were mostly good, but the Number 1 son grew restless near the end. This, obviously, caused some minor issues with his sisters. I, on the other hand, made some good progress in a Daniel Silva novel.

CavWife’s sister picked us up in their parents’ new minivan and we went back to her house for dinner and a good night’s sleep. As I pondered sleep, thinking it is only 8 according to my body clock, I remembered I woke up around 4 am. Time for sleep.


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Considering Delirious?

I need a break from The Naked Gospel, something a bit more positive.  CT has an interview with Martin Smith of Delirious?, one of my favorite bands.  They have just wrapped up their farewell tour, and this makes me a bit sad.  I’ve never seen them in concert.  But bands have a knack for reuniting, so you never know.

I first learned about Delirious? while in Mexico for a mission trip.  Paco, our British guide, received King of Fools as a gift which was delivered (I think) by our team.  We listened to it a few times, and they sounded like what I imagine U2 would have sounded like had they been more evangelical.  I’ve purchased nearly every album since then.  They started as a worship band, and all of their albums had a number of worshipful songs on them, though most probably couldn’t be done in a church.

They did record their final show, so we have that to look forward to.

In the interview, Martin cites U2 and Radiohead as primary influences musically.

One of the more interesting comments was about the Church of England.  He thinks there are some incredible things happening in the Church, which will change things in the next year.  Sadly there were no specifics.

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