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One of the things I told CavNav on the way down to Mexico was that I didn’t need to bring my travel clock since hotels have alarm clocks.  Wasn’t I surprised to discover that they did not have alarm clocks at the Motel Continental.  It was quite a surprise, but far from the last one I would have during our stay.

I can’t remember when we woke up, but that was when I got a few more surprises.  As I prepared to take a shower in the large but suspect shower,  I discovered that they did not provide any shampoo.  Really, was anyone surprised?  Thankfully I have a habit that annoys my wife.  I take the shampoo from hotels.  I had a bottle in my travel bag.  Problem solved.  I also had a big bar of Ivory soap just in case I had to do some laundry.  The sink was a bit small and lacked hot water, but at least I had plenty of soap for showers.

There were 2 towels.  2.  One looked like a bath mat.  Okay, it was a bath mat.  I suppose they could have expected us to share a towel, but I was not going there.  Instead I dried off with the bath mat that barely went around my waist.  We were told that they did not provide wash cloths.  Someone joked that they did, it was towels they didn’t provide.

Then it was time for breakfast in the motel’s restaurant- El Sarape.  Today we could choose what we wanted from the menu.  Monday – Friday we would all get the same meal.  I don’t do eggs, so I went with the hot cakes and bacon.  I tried some of the tortilla chips and salsa.  The chips tasted like corn flakes.  By the next day I would rethink the idea of eating salsa with breakfast.

Then it was off to the church for the morning worship service.  When Pastor Cesar and I talked the night before he asked if I would pray or read during the evening service.  He didn’t say anything about the morning service.  But there I was, offering the benediction.  We always said about mission trips: be flexible!  Since it was heating up we sat on the side of the sanctuary with the swamp coolers (I inadvertently sat right in front of one).  The other side had the cushions.  Choose your pleasure!  And pain.

The service was a little different than I was used to.  The main elements of worship were there.  CavNav says that the piano, played by Cesar, was 1 1/2 step flat but in tune with itself.  Instead of a sermon, we broke for Sunday School. Noah (pronounced No-A) taught the lesson from Genesis, the story of Abraham & Abimelech.  He focused on walking blamelessly before God, and how God keeps His promises even when we don’t.  Then it was time to get back together and share from our lessons.  Then the worship team led us in a few songs.  In America we nearly worship professionalism.  What they lacked in expertise they more than made up for in earnestness and sincerity.  Later, while playing around with the electric guitar I discovered only 1 of the 3 pick ups worked.  This is one of the themes in their church life: make due.  They just don’t have the resources to fix everything or buy new things.


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It was a different week.  My brothers-in-law were away on a missions trip to Mississippi.  Not as much male interaction.  ESPN and ESPN 2 have not been available on the cable the last 5-6 days, so I’m suffering from the DTs.  I was also slowed down by a summer cold that started with sniffles => sore throat => running nose => cough.  A real pleasure.

I Need a Dentist

I Need a Dentist

On Wednesday and Friday we went to the Word of Life Ranch to visit the petting zoo.  The kids loved it.  They had goats, sheep, llamas (in desperate need of dental work), chickens, cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets.  CavGirl’s priceless comment- “They’re stinky.  They need a bath.”  We were also able to spend time in the fort playground.  I pushed the kids on the tire swing, and they enjoyed the slides.  On Wednesday’s trip we had lunch at the WoL campground with some friends of CavWife who still work at Word of Life.  Both trips ended with rain shortening the stay.

Radio station options way up here are limited.  So for both rides to Schroon Lake, we ‘enjoyed’ the worst of the 80’s.  Lots of bad flashbacks, so I’m surprised we didn’t crash the SUV.  I hadn’t heard “Total Eclipse of the Heart” for many years, and heard it 2 times this past week.  Sigh.

CavParents arrived Thursday and stayed until Saturday.  They skipped the petting zoo.  Don’t blame them- smelly animals and poop-covered shoes.  It got pretty noisy around here though with up to 11 cousins running around.  Sometimes they played well together, and other times …. not quite.  The rainy week didn’t help matters.  CavBoy and his youngest cousin here are getting along famously.  Just like Frick & Frack now that she is feeling better.  This is good since CavGirl is able to enjoy her older cousins.  He doesn’t feel as left out now.

Friday night we all got together for dinner at Aunt Jane’s place at the bottom of the hill.  Mom’s lasaugna with meatballs & sausage, and Bernie’s eggplant parmesian (I passed on the eggplant) followed by ice cream.

Saturday I helped my sister-in-law work on their new home near the bottom of the hill.  I spackled over the screws in the drywall, helped move in some furniture, and helped with some staining of the trim.

On Sunday I preached at Calvary Bible Church in Wevertown.  I ended up choosing a shortened version of my sermon on adoption from Ephesians.  It went well.

I’m antsy … I want to become a productive member of society again.  Still no progress on any fronts.  It can eat at you if you have too much time on your hands, which, by definition, you do.

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