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Unlike all the paid professionals, I’ve had a little more time to digest the NBA Draft.  Of course, that doesn’t mean my analysis is any better.  I didn’t spend hours investigating all the potential draft picks.  I’ve been a bit busy with a job and kids.  I’d look at the usual sites and see the mock drafts.

I had a meeting in Phoenix the night of the draft.  So I had to hit the DVR to record the draft for me.  So, when I got home I raced through 4 1/2 hours of draft coverage in record time.  I got to skip over the over-analysis, particularly of players/teams I was not interested in learning about.

There is one thing I do know.  If I were the Cavaliers, I would have picked Derrick Williams instead of Irving.  It saddens me to see a guy who played like 3 games get picked #1.  Williams has displayed a willingness to develop as a player.  He’s got more than “upside”, but shown an ability to tap that potential.  In my opinion he is farther ahead of the other PFs than Irving is ahead of the other PGs.  Just my opinion.  The Cavs would have avoided unrealistic expectations on an untested PG, and could have gotten at worst the 2nd best PG in the draft to go with the best big man in the draft.

I was a bit surprised by all the of the foreign players taken in the first round.  It was part weak college year and part Nowitzski effect.  Lots of unpronounceable names.  I wouldn’t mind if Nikola Vucevic had fallen to the Celtics.  He had some time to develop at USC and played against American players.  He’s been developing his potential.  I appreciated the Morris brothers being picked, in order, within 5 minutes of each other.  Just one of those interesting personal stories.

I was relatively excited with the Celtics drafted Marshon Brooks, the ‘prolific’ scorer out of Providence College.  That was until the analysts said something about him not playing a lick of defense.  Sounded like a wasted pick right then and there.  I knew he wouldn’t get off the bench if he didn’t play defense no matter how many points he can score.

Our Two Boilermakers

So, I was among the many Celtics’ fans who breathed a huge sigh of relief when the trade with New Jersey was announced.  This might be part of why New Jersey has stunk for quite some time.  First, they wasted a draft pick moving up to get a guy that would have fallen to them a few picks later.  Second, he doesn’t play defense and you won’t win unless you play defense.

The Celtics ended up with the very thin, but wiry strong, JaJuan Johnson.  He played 4 seasons at Purdue, improving each year, to become their player with the most career wins.  He plays defense, blocks shots, gets rebounds (though I’d prefer if he got more of them), and can score.  He’s sort of the antithesis of Big Baby- thin, able to jump & block shots.  He will be expected to contribute soon if not right away.

It was interesting that Steve Bulpett has changed his mind on the subject of JaJuan.  He was fairly unimpressed.  But then a trusted scout called him.  This guy, who apparently has a very impressive track record, believes that JaJuan can help the Celtics now.  He was surprised that he fell to the Celtics, and sees him as a great replacement for Kendrick Perkins (who was not that great of a rebounder either).


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