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CavFamily got an early start on Tuesday morning.  An early start on a long day.  CavWife was up at 5:30, while I got up at 6 to shower and finalize the packing for our trip. While bringing the luggage into the garage, I see all the frost on my car. I won’t miss the cold.

By 6:45 our friend had arrived in their mini-van to drive us to Orlando International Airport. I chose to fly on Tuesday, hoping that the flights would not be a full. We had never flown this far with kids. It is very different when you have kids on a cross-country flight. Actually, we had 3 flights. Thankfully, we did not have to change planes.

We checked our bags and moved quickly through security. It was there that we learned the TSA considers yogurt a liquid. Bye-bye part of our lunch. We had time to get some breakfast. Since the McDonald’s at the airport didn’t have the McCafe, it was Au Bon Pain instead. CavWife needs her coffee. I settled for an incredible chocolate crossiant over grits. Why they have grits is beyond me, but not even their grits will entice me. We had a nice meal and it was on to our gate.

There was that one time, with that one guy.

The first flight (to St. Louis) went well. As usual, I sat with CavSon. We watched most of Veggie Tales’ Jonah on the way. He refused to wear headphones, so those around us got to hear songs like “The God of Second Chances”.  I could barely hear the dialogue, but CavWife kept telling me “that’s too loud”.  I’m not sure what she was listening to. CavDaughter was able to watch some Babar (scary), the Veggie Tales Christmas Star (also surprisingly scary to her) and something else on a borrowed i-Pod.

Yes, he used PEDs


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