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It has been a quite restful vacation in many ways. This year we didn’t have any adoptions about to happen. There were no on-going discussions about a possible church unification. While we are starting a church renovation and expansion, most of time I’ve been out of the loop. It is only in the last few days that I have been involved.

I’ve been trying to turn the “Fat Farm” into the “Fit Farm” by relying on my FitBit to help meet some goals. I’ve been walking almost every day and getting close to 10,000 steps. I’ve been listening to Sinclair Ferguson’s sermons on Romans during my walks around the property.

One of the events around here has been the moving of the goat pen. Thankfully I was not asked to help with it. After it was moved a new goat arrived. CavDaughter #1 loves animals and took an immediate liking to the new coat whom she’s called Coco (with marshmallows) because she is a dark brown with white tips of her ears. She has put a leash on this goat and walked her around the property. The goat sees this as a welcome relief from the other 3 goats who are determined to remind her she is at the bottom of the pecking order. She allows my daughter to lead her, even up on the pile of big rocks in the center of the property.

Good friends Mike and Amy drove up from FL with their 2 daughters for a week of vacation with us. They decided to rent a car this time, and ended up with 4 different rental cars on the trip up. The first got a flat. Its replacement got horrible gas mileage. The 3rd had bad tire sensors and the 4th was just right.

They had come up once before during VBS week. They purposely came up the same week this time. We were able to enjoy “VBS Date Night” with them during the week. During the day the kids would play out on the property. The first night we went to Stewart’s and enjoyed some ice cream with CavWife’s brother and wife joining the 4 of us. Tuesday night we ended up at Tanners’ pub since Bar Vino was quite busy. I got the Chocolate Mousse cake. Before we left to pick up the kids we got a weather alert. There were tornado warnings in our area but the big storms were farther west. When we arrived at the church they had everyone in the basement due to the warning. The kids were upset, particular CavGirl #1 who is quite sensitive. Shortly after we got home the skies opened up. No tornadoes, we thought.

The next morning we found out there was one in North Creek. Mike and I had to run into town for some food anyway so we stopped off to walk the site and take pictures. With all the trees that had been knocked down there seemed to be little damage to homes. Some sheds and barns got crushed but the damage to homes was minimal. Due to that extra walk I got over the 15,000 step plateau.

That night we ended up at BarVino. Amy and I enjoyed mussels. I love their mussels. My green curry mussels were hotter than I’m used to them being. Amy exclaimed “I’ve been waiting 3 years for these.” The down side was that they had a guitarist playing music. Our seats were right in front of him and it was loud. Too loud for CavWife and Mike who escaped as soon as they were done leaving Amy and I to our mussels. The guy was good, just too loud for that venue. It inhibited conversation.

The next night we ended up at Basil and Wick’s. They don’t have a great dessert menu so I ordered an appetizer which was not available and finally order Sweet Chili boneless wings. Once again we were joined by CavWife’s brother and his wife.


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A few years ago Christian Education Ministries, the discipleship board of the ARP, sent out free copies of William Still’s The Work of the Pastor.  I’m not sure if this had anything to do with Dr. Sinclair Ferguson having recently joined the ARP as pastor of First Presbyterian in Columbia, SC.  Still was his mentor when Sinclair was a young convert.

I started to read the book, but got distracted (as is often the case) and have recently picked it back up again since I’ve been finishing a number of the books that have been backlogged.  Just clearing the queue.

The first chapter is titled Feeding the Sheep.  Here Still rattles the cages of those people who de-emphasis preaching.  This, he argues, is our most important (but not only) task.  But first he lays out the goal of pastoral ministry, of which our preaching and teaching is a primary means.

“… its ultimate aim is to lead God’s people to offer themselves up to Him in total devotion of worship and service.”

True preaching is not merely information transfer (though this must happen) but life transformation.  We must not stop with what the text says, but what it means and how it is to be applied to life.  And one of the very first applications may be to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

“The pastor called to feed the sheep may find that his first calling is to evangelize the goats! … The pastor is called to feed the sheep, even if the sheep do not want to be fed. … You will certainly not turn goats into sheep by pandering to their goatishness.”

Still advocates preaching the full counsel of God, not just a few isolated gospel facts.  This does not mean you aren’t preaching the gospel (for justification and sanctification) each week.  It means you are to show how the whole of Scripture connects with the gospel.


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