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The Celtics didn’t do much near the trade deadline.  They basically created roster spots by shipping out Sam “I Am” Cassell, aka The Alien, and the seemingly useless Patrick O’Bryant.  I don’t think Sam suited up for any games, but probably spent time talking with Rondo about leading a team.  Patrick O’Bryant played some, but when Kendrick Perkins was out, he didn’t gain significant minutes.  He didn’t work hard enough to convince Doc to play him.

To fill those spots, the Celtics watched the waiver wire.  First, they got some more of 7-footer Mikki Moore.  He was on the Celtics roster for a short time back in 2003.  He adds size and experience.  With the presence of the real stars, he can thrive- maybe.  They are not counting in him to be a big time player, but a sub who can help them win another title.  He might.

Then, today we learned that Starbury has been bought out and should sign with the Celtics when he clears waivers.  I’m not sure about this one.  The guy has proved himself to be a pain.  But, with a short-term contract he just might behave himself and add some punch off the bench.

I’m not overly impressed with either pick up.  But we didn’t need a star.  We needed some reliable veteran players to stabilize the bench, provide some depth for the playoffs and not poison the locker room.  Not a tall order.  Hopefully they can deliver, and enable the Big 3, Rondo, Perk & House to win another title.  Just like Lays’ Potato Chips, you can’t have just one.

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This about expresses it for me.  “What???? Are you stinkin’ kidding?!”  I saw a few things:

1. Inability to keep Cleveland off the offensive boards.  This gave Cleveland too many 2nd chance points.

2. Inability to take care of the ball, particularly under pressure- leading to easy buckets.

3. Horrible officiating.  They made bad calls against both teams, but the sheer number of calls went against the Celtics.  LeBron took more FTs than the whole Celtics team.  It was free throws that kept Cleveland in the game in the first half before they went on that run to end the half.

4. Doc was smart to play House, dumb to play Davis.  House kept the Celtics in the game replacing a tentative Rondo (all those horrible whistles don’t help a guy be aggressive though).  I lost track of the number of times Big Baby was blocked underneath, or at least seemed unable to finish under the hoop.  Where was Powe?  Just because Davis played well in Game 5 doesn’t mean he’s going to play well in Game 6.

These are not the Celtics of my youth, so I don’t care about what Celtic teams of the past have done when up 2-0 in a series.  Irrelevant because Russell, Hondo, Bird etc. are not playing on this team.  Yeah, these guys have pretty much dominated at home.  So why can’t they dominate on the road?  Is it the officiating?  Are they replaced by look-alikes who can’t play?

Defensively, we can’t pay attention to the little change of direction LeBron makes while driving to the rim.  If you move your feet, it WILL be a blocking foul.  If you STAY PUT and he creates contact above the circle- it is a charge.  That move alone was killing us.


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