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Life here in Arizona has been busy, dodging all the boycotters.  In fact, I was nearly interviewed by New4 today regarding the PC (USA) boycott of Arizona.  Sadly, something more important came up.  I was going to plug the PCA churches in town as I drew the distinction between the 2 denominations.  Who knows, maybe another day.

The sermon, A Working Paradigm for Ministry was by Parker Tennet.   He served as the RUF pastor here at the UofA.  Sadly, for us, Parker has taken a call closer to home and is now in Memphis.   Some of you might be interested in some of the extras, like the Special Features on the DVD.  The installation vows, charges to myself and the congregation and the benediction should be included in the extras.  (we are working on trying to fix this link)

And for those of you interested in the words that may haunt me, we also have the Q & A from my candidating weekend.  That might actually be helpful for Search Committees.  A big thanks to our webmaster and technology guru for making this available.

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