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I alluded to the fact that I didn’t sleep well that night.  I don’t know when I woke up because there was no clock.  But I tossed and turned on my marble slab of a bed for a long unknown amount of time.  I can’t even remember what I was thinking about.  Probably something about the adoption.  But come time for breakfast I was one tired dude.

This morning we had huevos rancheros.  I don’t do huevos.  These were not disguised and I could not trick myself into eating any of them.  So I became Trader Cav.  They had hash browns similar to those at McDonalds or Burger King.  I was able to pick up a side of maple syrup-soaked sausages.  Thankfully they asked if we wanted toast.  I needed to soak up the grease I ate.  It wouldn’t quite work as my stomach rebelled later in the day.  But I needed to eat something as I looked ahead to a busy day.

I didn’t want to deal with the insulation.  I had washed out my shirt the day before.  I wasn’t itch-free until about 5 pm despite my shower.  And then there was the issue of the “gato muerte”.  The day before we discovered a decomposing cat in one of the piles of insulation.  Let’s just say the smell lingered.

A couple of the guys finished up the insulation.  I swept up the work site.  Usually my father-in-law handles that task, but he was many thousands of miles away.  Good thing- otherwise he’d keep going on about how it wasn’t an OSHA-approved work site.  But this was where God had brought us to work.

We installed the doors and then the dry wall arrived.  100 sheets of dry wall, that is.  This is not what I was looking forward to.  We had to get all of the dry wall to the 2nd floor somehow, some way & some time.  Thankfully we stored most of it in the yard for the time being and only brought up about 10 sheets.  But in leaning over to grab one they hoisted up from the truck, I aggravated my back.  Not too bad.  And my foot, which has been bothering me intermittently for months started to hurt.  I wasn’t doing so well.


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Ascending to an Annex of Hades

Before I left CavWife gave me extra ear plugs for the poor soul unlucky enough to share a room with me.  What she didn’t realize is that CavNav, who shared said rundown heap with me, brought a large container of ear plugs with him.  He’d need them.  This despite the fact that the A/C unit ran 24/7.  The wall unit had to be as old or older than the 20+ year old TV.  Like the TV, it was missing buttons and knobs.  But eventually it cooled down the room.  Soon we were actually cold at night.

Additionally, he brought a small fan.  That added more white noise.  Despite all this, he could hear my distinctive “rattle” of a snore.  CavWife has since noted that at least he wasn’t next to me in bed like she is (without a loud A/C or fan to cover the non-melodious sound of my snoring).

Breakfast would be at 6:45 during our 5 work days.  It seemed to come early, but I was eager to share the Red Sox victory the night before.  I was even more eager to share what I’d read in Ephesians 2 after I woke up.

10For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

It was a good reminder that we were not in San Luis Rio by accident.  We were there by the sovereign will of God.  He’s planned this trip long before creation.  Our task, by faith, is to walk in it and bring Him glory.


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