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I woke up early. Too early after staying up too late. But after breakfast, I put on my shorts and walking shoes and took a long walk I listened to music and a sermon by Sinclair Ferguson. It was beautiful riverfront park. But I noticed a number of people who looked unemployed or homeless. In the downtown area, there were other marks of the recession. Empty, older buildings were commonplace.  There was some great architecture in the area.

Eventually I made my way over to the convention center to register and peruse the exhibit hall. Always good to do that before it gets too busy. I was able to spend a few minutes talking with Jason Bobo from Redeemer Seminary, and Ra McLaughlin from III Millennium Ministries. Jason used to be an RUF campus minister in my Presbytery, so I wanted to see how he was adjusting. I used to work with Ra at Ligonier Ministries. Richard Pratt was busy, but I said a quick ‘hi’ and shook his hand.

Then a ‘healthy’ lunch at Panera. The Thai Chicken Chop salad looked interesting. I’ve heard of the jumping cactus, but not the jumping salad dressing. It jumped upon my shirt. Not want you want as you meet people you haven’t seen in who knows how long, and show up at the opening worship service.  Thankfully I had 2 new t-shirts to wear when I run out of polo shirts.

The seminar on the Holy Spirit’s work of Gospel Consolation was very good. I needed to hear it, and be reminded of the Spirit work of bringing Christ’s work to mind. It was a very encouraging seminar. The next seminar was more theoretical- John Owen and Confessions.  The speaker tried to keep us in balance. Confessions should be in touch with the past, and relevant for the needs of the present. This is pertinent because there are some who consider amending the Westminster Confession anathema. Others would like to see it updated. As mentioned in the previous seminar, the PC (US) updated it years earlier to include chapters on the Spirit and the Gospel. There may be topics that weren’t very important then, but are now.


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I’ve been struggling with a bout of insomnia lately. So it wasn’t a surprise when I was awake at 3:30 in the morning. But after an hour , I was able to get back to sleep. When I woke up again at 6:45 to the loud noises of CavSon, I was quite glad that I wasn’t riding to the airport with another local pastor on his way to Louisville. I needed about an hour to get ready, so I ended up leaving later than I expected. He was already at the gate when I was only about 5 minutes from my house. By then the dog had puked, beginning a long, hard day for CavWife.

I got one of the few remaining covered spots at the Fast Park and Relax. I actually had to check a bag because I transported 3 big bottles of beer for my friend Danny. It was stuff he couldn’t get in FL. He would have some stuff I can’t get in AZ. The line for security was the longest I’d seen at TIA, which isn’t saying much. Finally, I got to the gate with time to spare. A quick call to CavWife, and messages to old friends occupied my time by the gate. Then it was time for Ed and I to board the plane. It was a full flight, so we were crammed in there.

I decided to spend my time going over the Commissioner Handbook. I repeatedly interrupted Ed with “Can you believe this?”  there really needs to be a limit on the number of overtures each Presbytery can make in a year. Some made 7 or 8. Glad someone has time to ponder changes to the Book of Church Order and Rules of the Assembly because I sure don’t. Maybe these things keep them up at night So, there was a big binder on my lap thru most of the journey.

After a wee bit of turbulence we arrived safely in Chicago. We had some decidedly non-Chicago-style pizza and talked. We discovered that our gate was off in the wilderness, and began the trail of tears. You know you those remote areas with signs saying “No Gas 40 miles”?  There should have been one that said no bathrooms or food for 2 miles. Remote!

Distracted by a call to CavWife and confused by the time change which was not reflected by my phone, we nearly missed our flight. Apparently times flies in Chicago, or the suburb we hiked to.

Safely in Louisville, I commented on how strange it was to miss humidity. Shortly after checking in around 8, Danny texted me. So I walked to their hotel to eat their leftovers and have a delicious , cold beer from Cigar City Brewery while we enjoyed some time talking. Our wives carried on a conversation via text. They had a decidedly superior view from their 20th floor room. It overlooked the river, with steamboats  soon it was nearly 11, so I returned to my hotel before crashing around 1 am. Sadly, I’d wake up around 6 am, not quite ready for a new day.

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