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It was another early morning for CavFamily.  It came too soon for me after losing a few hours sleep to mild food poisoning, a stiff back and a crying son.  I dared not risk breakfast yet, so the family went without me.  We had a busy day ahead of us, having decided to press on past Houston to San Antonio.  But first we had to leave Louisiana.

There was not much traffic as we left the hotel.  Soon there was a huge bridge, and CavGirl loves bridges.  “Is that the Mississippi?”  Sure was- too bad there wasn’t a place to stop and admire the river.  We zoomed over it at 60 mph, and sadness filled my heart.

The western side of the Mississippi is very different from the east.  It had a very different smell, rich earth and decaying wood.  There was lots more farm-able land, yet it still seemed to “reek of poverty”.  There didn’t seem like much to do except boating, fishing, eating, drinking, gambling and porn.  Oddly, the churches were often big but few homes were in sight.  Perhaps they were all underground.  Then we hit the bayou.  The bridge went on for about 20 miles.  It was pretty cool.

I couldn’t get over the casinos.  They were everywhere, even the gas station where we stopped to refuel.  I’m not sure if it has to do with the former French influence, or Roman Catholicism.  But vice dominated this seemingly “religious” area (same goes for Protestant Atlanta).

Umm, umm good!

Then came Texas.  At first it was just like Louisiana but with worse drivers!  I had a few pop tarts (chocolate), and all seemed well with my gastro-intestinal tract.  A few people had highly recommended Pappasito’s Cantina.  With my new Reclaim phone, we found the location of one off of I-10 in Houston.  We had lunch plans.

It was fantastic!  They made their own tortillas, you could see it.  You could watch them make their own guacamole.  Everything we had was tasty (yes, we pillaged the huge kids’ meals).  The salsa was a little different in flavor, but good.  I’m so glad we stopped at Pappasito’s.

Back on the road we continued through Houston listening to the Newsboys live from Houston CD which came out last year.  The traffic was pretty miserable, and the landscape left plenty to be desired.  But outside of Katy, TX that all changed.  It was beautiful!  The rolling hills were covered in trees and green fields laden with a variety of colors provided by wild flowers.  Pink, red, purple, white, yellow.  Some of the most beautiful scenery we’d seen.

As we neared San Antonio were were surprised.  “Ah, where is the city?”  It seemingly arose from nowhere.  I figured a city capable of supporting an NBA franchise would have a more expanded suburban area.

By the time we got to the hotel we were exhausted.  The hotel had a little playground, so we let the kids romp for awhile to get the ants out of their pants.   Using my new phone, we found a McDonald’s to eat a light dinner using gift certificates a friend gave us.  There were plenty of meltdowns, but at least there was internet service this time.  We would all sleep in, and it was glorious!

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“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  With nothing to lose but a morning in which I had no plans, I decided to give it the ol’ college try.  This time we went to the right theater and saw yesterday’s intended film- The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.

Before I get to the movie, I have a few considerations.  This theater did not have stadium seating.  This made it a bit difficult for CavGirl to see over the seat in front of her.  I later noticed some people had booster seats.  I suppose that also would have helped the seat to stay down.  When you are only 30 lbs, and all of that is at the back of the seat … you will have issues.  This go around, there were far more younger children and babies.  This meant it was noisier, and there were more distractions as well since CavGirl loves to watch babies.  I had to answer the same 2 questions about pacifiers about a dozen times.

From CavGirl’s perspective, this movie was too scary.  She really didn’t like the villain, seen here.  That did prompt a few moments of “Dad-time” as she sat in my lap and hid her face in my chest, blanket covering her face.

It was not a fun as most Veggie Tale shows, and even Jonah.  She asked if we could leave about 3-4 times.  We didn’t.

The story was like the biblical story of Esther in that God was not explicitly mentioned, but worked behind the scenes to accomplish the deliverance of the prince and princess (unless the father, the good King with the evil usurper-wanna-be brother, is the metaphor for God).  I explained to her that life has moments when we are very afraid, but that is when we need to be brave until God saves us.  God will always save us, but sometimes life gets scary.  In the movie they also talked about tests, which reveal what is most important to us.

So, this wasn’t Big Idea’s best effort.  It was, as usual, mostly moralistic.  It was mildly enjoyable for me, and too scary for her.  At least there were no farting & pooping chipmunks, or barely clad dancers.  So, it had that going for it.  In terms of influences:

  1. There was a tip o’ the hat to O, Brother, Where Art Thou? with the blind prophet speaking to 3 friends about to embark on a voyage in which one of them will regain his family’s respect.  This, of course, is one of my favorite movies.
  2. The song and dance at the pirate tavern was quite reminiscent of the Camelot scene in Holy Grail.  Yes, another of my favorite movies, and an old standby for Veggie Tales.
  3. The evil pirate was a pea who had a mechanical body, reminding me of Darth Vader.
  4. The scene when the King gives them medals was a tip to Star Wars: A New Hope.  They just lacked a howling Wookie.  Yes, another one of my favorite movies.
  5. The B-52s, whose cult-fav Rock Lobster was redone as Rock Monster.
  6. Steve Taylor who appeared with the Newsboys for a song (I think that was the song).  I recognized his lyrical style and thought the voice sounded familiar.  He’s listed as a composer and performer on the soundtrack CD, but I’m not 100% certain of the song.

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Although it has only been just over 5 months since CavWife brought CavBoy home from China, we just had our 6 month post-placement appointment with the social worker. It was a good time to remember how far he has come, and how far we have come as a family.
The first month was incredibly difficult on the whole family as he adjusted to everything and we adjusted to him. As I type, the kids are playing “going to the wedding”, a result of going to “Uncle” Morgan’s wedding last weekend. They packed their bags for the hotel room. The 2 of them usually play very well together as CavGirl revels in being the ring leader, I mean older sister. She has all the makings of a Red Leader 1.
Last night on the short ride home from a friend’s they were serenading us from the back seat. It was mostly nonsense. Last weekend, CavGirl was shouting song lyrics like “your love is better than life” (Newsboys) and “I am a friend of God” (from a worship CD CavWife plays often). CavBoy can’t quite do that yet, so it is interesting to hear them ‘sing’ together like some childish opera in a strange tongue.
CavBoy has grown 2 1/2 inches and gained 4 pounds in his 5+ months with us. This despite his liquid diet post-surgery. This is still a fistula in his palate which the surgeon thinks isn’t a major problem, but the speech therapist thinks is. They can duke it out … the surgeon is one of the most respected surgeons for this in Orlando so what do I know.
Speech therapy is going slowly. But this morning he was doing more of the noises in Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?. That is good news. He’s starting to try, which is a start. It takes him time to start trying something- climbing into his car seat, into his booster seat for meals, etc. I realized the other day that I tended to pull him out of his car seat. I thought, “Dude, the kid can climb out on his own!” and now he does. Now, if he can just start using those expulsive consonants…
That is the main area of improvement- trying things. He still seems overwhelmed with new experiences (he was utterly traumatized by the merry go round at Cypress Gardens) and places. But he’s beginning to try more things like climbing up a playset and going down the slide last night.
Another area of improvement is handling his anger. He had horrible tantrums at first. But his trantrums are now pretty sedate for a 2 year-old. We are so thankful since those tantrums made meal time in particular quite difficult. Now meal time is stressful because it takes forever for him to eat as he plays and procrastinates. At least he isn’t eating us out of house and home anymore (that’s now CavGirl’s job).
We have some concerns about his hearing. He tested with some minor hearing loss, but that might have been related to the fluid in his ear. The ear, throat & nose specialist wants to put in larger tubes. These tubes would not fall out, but would have to be removed. However, they should aid in relieving pressure on his ear drum and preserve his hearing (but probably not his singing).
When I think of all the doctor’s appointments and bills I can become overwhelmed at times. But I wouldn’t trade the time and money back. He’s our son and an important part of our family. The boy stays!

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