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There are some perks for pastors. As an “influencer” sometimes I’m invited to free screenings for movies. They want our feedback, and they want us to spread the word about various “faith-themed” movies.

Andy Erwin, one of the directors and producers, did our wedding video since CavWife knows him. The Erwin brothers had previously produced October Baby. So we were interested to see their latest movie, Mom’s Night Out.  CavWife was hoping they’d have a free promotional shirt like the one for October Baby. She was disappointed in that regard.

After the success of October Baby, the Erwin brothers have been able to up the ante regarding producers, actors and distribution. Patricia Heaton and her husband David Hunt are executive producers and also act in the movie. They also got Sean Astin to play the husband of the main character, Allyson. It is been picked up for distribution by Tri-Star.

The movie is about a young mom who is struggling with the realities of parenting. It was her dream to be married and have kids, and she wonders why she isn’t happier. One part of the struggle is that her husband, Sean, travels quite a bit for work. You quickly get the idea that while her kids are a handful, she also sets the bar incredibly high for herself.

She decides that she needs a night out with the girls, and Sean complies. She sets up a night out with her friend Izzy and their pastor’s wife, Sondra (played by Heaton). The other women have their own issues. Izzy is married to a man who is essentially afraid of children. And they have twins.  Sondra is struggling with being the perfect pastor’s wife and their slightly rebellious teenaged daughter. Each of the women have different struggles, and need something of a break to laugh and relax.


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Last night CavWife and I went to the screening of a new movie called October Baby. It was made by some old friends of hers, the Erwin brothers (not to be confused with the Coen brothers). Andy made our wedding video for us. They have done contract work for ESPN and have made a number of Dove Award winning music videos. This is their first full length movie.

This is a pretty good movie. The subject matter is pretty serious, but they have enough comic relief to not overwhelm you. When the movie gets the most serious, the comic relief is nowhere to be found so you aren’t too distracted. At times it moves a little slow. But what do you want for the first time out?

The movie begins something like Sweet Home Alabama, 2 childhood friends running toward the water hand in hand. The boy and girl are close friends. It fast forwards to their college years. Someone has come between them creating a discomfort. This is her big night as the lead actress in a play. After she collapses we learn that life has not been easy for her. She’s had a number of physical ailments, and some emotional ones too.


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