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“Prayer is designed by God to display his fullness and our need.  Prayer glorified God because it puts us in the position of the thirsty and God in the position of the all-supplying fountain.”

“The point (in persistance) is not to finally break God’s resistance but to discover, by patient prayer, God’s wisdom as to the way and time the prayer should be answered.”

“Ending our prayers ‘in Jesus name, Amen’ is not a mere tradition; it is an affirmation of faith in Jesus as the only hope of access to God.”

“Praying in faith does not always mean being sure that the very thing we ask will happen.  But it does always mean that because of Jesus we trust God to hear us and help us in the way that seems best to him.”

“This implies that prayer is not only a duty of man but a gift of God.  Jesus will awaken in his people the spirit of prayer that asks for everything it will take to accomplish God’s purposes in the world.”  John Piper in What Jesus Demands from the World.

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