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Yes, she’s more than the “former mayor of a town of 9,000”.  She is the current Governor of Alaska, a wife and mother.  She has executive office experience on the local and state level- something the Democratic candidates can’t say.

I really like McCain’s choice.  I’d rather vote for her for President.  One thing I love is that she undermines many typical progressive arguments on issues.

  • She’s pro-life.  She was consistent with that conviction even when she was 4 months pregnant and learned their son had Downs’ Syndrome.  She knows the cost of having a child most people would consider rejecting.
  • She supports the War on Terror, and her own son is preparing to head to Iraq.  Her choices would affect her son too!
  • She rejected Federal money for the “Bridge to Nowhere”, so she will fight earmarks.
  • She cut taxes, and stimulated job growth.
  • She’s a member of the NRA- and hasn’t killed anyone or robbed anyone at gunpoint.
  • She’s not a silver spooner, but the daughter of school teachers- one a science teacher.
  • Her husband is an oil man (probably a union member), but has fought against unethical practices in the oil business.
  • She is pro-energy independence, and wants drilling in her “backyard”.
  • She’s not an insider to the Beltway.
  • She has Democrats and Independents in her administration.
  • She represents what feminism is supposed to shoot for.
  • She comes across as bright, positive, articulate and winsome.  This doesn’t mean she’s wimpy- she’s got to be tough to fight corruption, and has the nickname “The Barracuda”.
  • She has an approval rating of 80% from her constituents.  I didn’t think any politicians had positive approval ratings anymore.
  • In terms of experience, or the supposed lack thereof, she’s running for VP not President- so Obama’s comparison is unfair and illegitimate.

I found her speech far more inspiring than any other candidate’s in recent memory.  Boston.com put together some quotes from her race for the governor’s seat in Alaska.  She’s an evangelical, fiscal conservative who thinks both creation and evolution should be taught in school, affirms traditional marriage, and was very involved with her community.  What brings joy to one person’s heart brings fear to another.  Check out the comments!

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