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We had a really great vacation with family over the holidays. They went up on the 17th and I followed behind on Christmas Day. There was plenty of time with family as 4 of CavWife’s 5 siblings were there for New Year’s and the annual White Elephant Gift exchange which gets more interesting as the kids get older and start participating. For the 2nd year in a row I got the Taylor ham- a NJ breakfast meat that I have grown to love.

One sibling built a pond this summer and this winter it was a skating pond. So our daughters learned how to skate. The boys were not so inclined, though the youngest enjoyed playing on the ice and with a hockey stick by the time we left. There was a guys night out as the 4 of us went out to Bar Vino for a few beers and appetizers. I like for us to get away and talk: sometimes serious and sometimes not.

There were a few snow storms, including Hercules who dumped over a foot of powder on us. As a result there was some sledding. On the downside, I didn’t have a good window of snow-less driving to visit my parents. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease this fall. Since I haven’t driven in snow much in the last 20 years I really didn’t want to get stuck in the mountains of VT in a snow storm. Another factor was the older CavGirl’s birthday and our 12th anniversary. Not really the days I want to be away from family to visit my parents.

Since we had an early flight home, my in-laws used some of their points to get us a hotel room for the night before we left. Sunday night, after one last get together and skate party the snow turned to rain as the temperatures soared. Monday was the great meltdown before the temperatures plummeted as a result of the arctic blast that crippled the country. It was slippery near the house but after we got off the hill the roads were much better. The only problem was our rear tire. While loading the Envoy I realized the tire was nearly flat. Usually my father-in-law is all over these things. This winter I was the one to catch 3 really low tires. The other 2 were on our lunch trip to Glens Falls. Up there in the mountains, there are no gas stations right around the corner. I thought I could get to Warrensburg and inflate the tire. The last 100 yards or so I could hear the thump-thump-thump because it had moved past low to officially flat. I filled it and off we were to meet our in-laws in Albany for dinner and they would drive both vehicles back to their home.

While driving we learned that our friend who was going to pick us up had his own flight home canceled and was re-booked to arrive home Wednesday. He’d be stranded in Dallas. So we left a message with another friend to see if they could pick us up.

I made a big mistake though. There was no sun on the way to Warrensburg so I kept my sun glasses in my briefcase. By the time we got to Glens Falls the sun was relentlessly beating into my right eye as we drove south to Albany. As we drew closer a migraine began to set in. I felt pretty lousy. It was also much colder in Albany as we unloaded the Envoy at the hotel.

We heard from our friend that she was willing to pick us up, but the other friend had gotten a flight from Dallas to Phoenix so he would be home in time to pick us up. He would have to go to the airport anyway since his bags were going to Tucson.

CavWife had inadvertently started the movie for the kids that we rented from iTunes. It was now going to expire the next morning before we got on the flight. So the kids started to watch Despicable Me 2 while I napped. Around 4:30 we left to meet with my in-laws for dinner at Moe’s. We didn’t want to eat too late since we didn’t want the roads to freeze on their way home. We love Moe’s and wish there was one in Tucson. CavWife got her usual John Coctostan, while I got the Home Wrecker which I re-dubbed the Hotel Wrecker. Then it was time for good byes in the cold.

The kids were going to shower before they finished the movie. Still feeling the effects of the migraine, I sat in front of the TV. That was when two things happened.


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Monday, 6:30 am:  Park my car in the satellite parking at Orlando International Airport.  My day began at 5:15 as Charlie Peacock serenaded me awake.  As I sit on the bus heading to the terminal I encounter the first of many surprises.  I usually fly Southwest (terminal A) and am the last guy on the bus.  This means It always starts on Terminal B.  Flying Delta today, which is terminal B.  The bus goes to Terminal A.  This … was a sign.

Not checking any bags so I get my e-ticket and all is well.  The line at security is short, so all looks well.  Key word: looks.  The line is short, but not moving.  Slugs have moved faster.  The problem?  Not enough security personnel. Occasionally they open the “family” and “handicapped” lanes to overflow.  They keep opening different sections, and I’m always about 2 feet way too far.  I … am … stuck (patience is a virtue which I possess in small portions- Patience Deficit Disorder or PDD for short).  I end up next to a family whose flight is earlier than mine.  “Don’t worry, they know you’re hear.”  Of course, you can’t hear an intercom here, so if they were paged they’d never know to tell the TSA guy “that’s me!”  I notice the line on the far left moves much better, and suddenly they open an overflow line there- off like a rat!  I’m now in a line that is moving  much faster.  Though I’ve got farther to go than said family, I’m through security well before them.

8 am.  “Final call for flight ### to Cincinatti.”  While talking on cell with CavWife I see the family running down the hall barely making the gate in time.  I am glad for them, not realizing this is nearly a glimpse of my future.

Atlanta, 10 am-ish.  I am reminded of my experiences at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.  If I have a long layover it is the next gate.  If a short one, I have to run through the tunnels with the flashing neon lights talking back to the intercom messages about Passenger Cavman “I’m coming as fast as I can!”  I have a short layover, and anticipate running.  Oh yeah, I’m in Concourse A but need to get to B.  I notice that though I have a low # I’m near the end of the concourse.  Since I have a high number in B, I think this is a good thing.

I notice all the good restaurants here, hmmm, I may have time for dinner on my way home.  Down the escalator to the train, only to have it close mere seconds before I get there.  No time to lose (or say ‘hi’ to the Pioneer Woman who’s also supposed to be in Atlanta for a book signing) so to the moving sidewalk.  As I begin to walk down Concourse B, I notice the #s are in ascending, not descending, order.  I once again have to make my way along the length of the concourse.  Merely an annoying inconsistency, since I had enough time to sit down before they boarded my flight.


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