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24- Bauer Basics

Actually, there are Jack facts.  Some of them are quite funny.  If you enjoy the show, as the Cavfamily does (well, not my daughter) you may like them.

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I keep hearing this from evangelicals.  That’s right, Leviticus 19.

33 “When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. 34 You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God. (ESV)

Somehow people think this should apply to illegal or undocumented immigrants. They fail to correctly exegete the passage (its historical context) and make appropriate epochal adjustments in their application.

  1. The Israelites were initially invited into Egypt (Genesis 45). They were not citizens of Egypt, but were welcomed there by the government. Obviously this all changed after Joseph’s death, and a new Pharaoh came to power.
  2.  Nations then did not normally have closed borders.  But they did have troops at the border along the trade & travel routes. Let us also remember that the people have the rights and entitlements.  There were not government schools, no welfare, no health care benefits etc.  Neither were there WMDs that could be smuggled in.
  3. This passage should be applied to those who enter this country legally.  We should not treat them unfairly since they speak a different language, have different customs, or have a different skin color.  We should not abuse them, but show them love and kindness.


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The Sheep Crib takes umbrage to the outcry over using another's sermons in 2 posts.  Personally, I find his logic lacking, to say the least.  And he has a conflict of interest, as one who provides sermons for others.  But mostly, he just muddies the waters (I was trying to leave a comment, but was unable to.

The issue is not about doing proper research in preparing a sermon.  We should, and must.  At least I was taught to, since the Spirit has been teaching the Church the meaning of Scripture for 2,000 years.  I'd be irresponsible not to do research.

The issue is not distributing copies of sermons by preachers from by-gone eras.  Again, the Church benefits greatly by reading sermons by Luther, Spurgeon, Burroughs etc.  Those collections or pamphlets do not misrepresent themselves.  You know Whitefield wrote and preached it.

The issue is not itinerant lay preachers in 3rd world countries.  I understand that men w/out training, and holding down full-time jobs may utilize such things to reach those who would not otherwise be reached.


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The New York Times has an articlediscussing the impact of HBO's latest morally-corrupt show- Big Love.  In the article they report on what some polygamy advocates thought of the portrayal of such a marriage.  They weren't too keen on the sex scenes, but otherwise thought it great.

With the push for gay marriage in full gear, can the push to toss aside this boundary marker be too far off?  I fear not. 

And once again, those who want to affirm the historical understanding of marriage (though there are anomalies) will be painted as hate-mongers.  Although most polygamists are 'religious' people from extreme, out of the mainstream cultic groups, the most avid advocates will probably not be.  They will learn how to emotionally blackmail the weak-minded with the false dilemma they present.  Don't want abortion, then you must hate women.  Don't want gays to marry, then you must be a homophobe.  Don't want polygamy, then you must be (I can't imagine, yet).  And who wants to be known as a misogynist, homophobe?  Not most people.

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CJ Mahaney writes about he prepares his son for worship.  We could all benefit from that personally, and pass it on to our children.

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Morning Wake Me Up

Suffering from a mild migraine, I needed something to get my blood flowing.  So the J-Girl and I rocked out to my new U2: Vertigo 2005- Live in Chicago DVD.  City of Blinding Lights and Vertigo got our blood flowing, and ready to start a new day.

If you can’t afford to see U2 (which I couldn’t) at least I can pick up some DVDs and live vicariously.

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They’re Done

Wally's look just about says it all.

But… the baseball season begins in less than a week!  Go Sox (the Red ones).

Speaking of sports, in a post on March Madness, CJ Mahaney includes how to teach your kids to live out their faith in the midst of competition.  Good stuff to remember.

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