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I am an addict.  Yes, my body needs caffeine.  No, not to wake up.  When I try to go cold turkey, which I did a few weeks ago- serious migraines.

So, this isn’t the type of addiction that is really an idolatrous desire to seek life apart from Jesus- like food, alcohol, TV, music, sex etc.  Oh, been there and done that at various points in time.  But this is just a matter of survival- stop the pain!

Do you think I’ll have to go to some medical center and dry out?  They could hook me up to some IV of migraine meds for a week.  But then I could never enjoy caffeine again.  My body would freak.  I’m really between a rock and a hard place.  The OTC meds I use for migraines, contains caffeine.  This, my friends, would be a lost cause……..

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Worst GM Summit

The Sports Guy gets creative and ‘interviews‘ the worst GMs in the NBA.  You may cry it is so funny.

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I came across a small, book from the 50’s collecting a series of articles from some Neo-orthodox professors on this subject.  I’ll be slowly working through the book.  Today’s chapter was written by John C. Bennett.

“Liberal Christianity shared the belief in progress that came to dominate the culture.” 

Bennett believes that there are 3 forms of this optimistic belief that we must reject.  First is the one that was developed as an alternative to the belief in divine providence and the Christian ideas of redemption.  It therefore became a substitute faith- one that did not require personal faith in Christ & Him crucified.

Second we are to reject the belief that progress was inevitable.  This left no room for human freedom, being based on a concept more akin to fate than the biblical teaching of providence which mysteriously teaches both the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of humans.

Third, we are to reject a view that believes that the major sources of evil can be removed in such a way that the gains received are secure.


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For quite some time my income has been such that I’ve usually gotten a total refund.  Such is life as a pastor.

I was talking to my accountant about my taxes for 2005.  Surprise!  With the birth of our first child, the U.S. government thinks we don’t earn enough money.  So my refund will be greater than the amount I paid in withholding in 2005.

This my friends is income redistribution.  I’ve already got it allocated.  But…why is the government paying me?  Obviously no one in my family is starving to death or naked or something.  I have unwittingly become a part of the social experiement that should anger most of us.  We take away the money someone works hard to receive, and give it to someone who may or may not have worked hard.  It is not a gift- but is forced from the hand of the taxpayer.

Taxes need to be paid by somebody.  Were it not for the absence of any moral code I’d be a Libertarian.  The government should make sure we are well-defended and that the infrastructure is suitable for trade and travel.  Oh, and you need police and prisons to punish those who harm others.  If that is all we did, governmentally… wow, think of all the capital we’d have for investment (retirement), and resources to help the truly needy without the bloated inefficiency of government programs.

Personally, I’d be happy not to be a part of this social engineering program.  I suspect it is helping very few people.

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Race & the Church

Here is a link to an article I wrote, Racism in the Body of Christ.  Perhaps one of these days I’ll actually get paid to write.  Until then, my reward is in heaven.

And here is one on the healthy church.

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A-Fraud: “It’s Our Year”

The pride of the Yankees knows no bounds.  A-Fraud took the bait and affirmed King George’s assertion that they Yankees will win the World Series.  What, with THAT pitching?

Oh, the Yankees will be good.  But the Cards have the good sense to merely say they have the talent (and they do), but recognize that anything can happen over the course of a season.

The adage is: pitching & defense wins championships.  The Red Sox finally put those 2 together in 2004.  They had the pitching, but not the defense until they traded away Nomar.

This year, have lots of pitching, and an improved defense.  I don’t think their offense will be affected much by the changes.  It will still be among the most potent in MLB.  The Sox have the talent.  Will they stay healthy and develop the chemistry?  That remains to be seen.  Unlike Yankees camp, there will be no promises here- but we still believe.  As Schilling said about the end of the season- “I hope they’ll be calling us champions.”

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The whole global warming hysteria amuses me.  I remember flying back to FL back in the late 90’s, and reading a Boston Globe article on how the data is not conclusive.  The Boston Globe, not some right-wing rag.  The Globe leans far to the left in matters political.

Now, a bunch of evangelical leaders have jumped on the bandwagon.  They seem to be missing some vital biblical data necessary to truly understanding this issue.  And some practical implications as well.

1. I agree that humanity was created to be stewards of God’s creation.  This is clear from Genesis 1-2.

2. Due to Adam’s disobedience, all of creation has been cursed, subject to futility (Genesis 3; Romans 8).  This means, among other things, that either all sources of energy or its storage will cause pollution.  Wind & solar are clean, but the batteries needed to store it- is not.  Nuclear power produces no greenhouse gases, but leaves radioactive waste.

3. Jesus is the only one who can save creation.  He will begin the great renewal at His return (Romans 8, Revelation 21-22).  Humanity, a steward, is not a savior.  Here is where many evangelicals get it wrong.  We can’t fix it.  We will continue to live in a fallen world.

As stewards we can take measures, reasonable measures, to promote greater fuel efficiency and lower pollution.  But we should not do this in such a way as to put unreasonable burdens on business- and therefore society.  The benefit must exceed the cost to make it wise.  Let us remember our place, and not try to do the undoable.

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