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Considering Mike Huckabee

There is plenty of confusion out there regarding Gov. Mike Huckabee.  It seems to be the Tale of Two Huckabees.  A number of conservative evangelicals are beginning to support Huckabee, viewing him as a strong conservative.  Joe Carter has been supportiveJustin Taylor has a bunch of Huckabee links, and endorses him along with Joe Carter and Matthew Anderson including a link to support his campaign.  They think he will appeal to social, defense and fiscal conservatives.

John Fund, in a WSJ Opinion Piece, disagrees with the portrayal of Huckabee as a conservative. 

I really wish I knew which Mike Huckabee was the real Huckabee.  Or, will the real Mike Huckabee please stand up, before the primary please.

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Go West, Old Yankees!

Joe Torre is hasta la vista from the Yankees.  The one year contract was pretty insulting if you ask me.  And now a chain of events is unfolding that may drastically shape two teams.

The Yankees went with another guy names Joe, Girardi, who used to play catcher too, and has a Manager of the Year award under his belt.

For the last few years the Dodgers have been Red Sox West, owned by Frank McCourt a Boston businessman who failed in his bid to buy the Red Sox, managed by the senile one, Grady Little, and composed of a number of former Red Sox like Lowe, Nomar & Mueller (now in the front office).

But word has it that McCourt sees a great opportunity to toss Grady to the curb and bring in Joe Torre.  Apparently he wanted the other Joe.  But it gets more fun.  Don Mattingly, spurned for the the Yankees job due to a lack of managerial experience, will follow Joe T. to LA.  The Dodgers drafted his son in 2006 (hey Cashman, what gives?).

What no one else has put together yet (publicly) far as I can see, is how many Yankee free agents may follow Joe west.  I heard talk that Girardi and Posada didn’t quite jell when they platooned together.  Posada is a free agent.  Rivera is too, and clearly Joe continuing as manager was important to Mariano.  Andy Pettite may have to choose which Joe he wants to play for (Girardi was his personal catcher for a few years), and the NL may be easier on his aging arm.

You could end up with a Dodger team, one year removed from the playoffs, getting a boost from some older, experienced by still very good players departing from the Yankees.  This would transition them from Red Sox West to Yankees West.  Maybe they will do better than Red Sox West did.  At least they will have a much better manager!

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Some people have said the Patriots ran up the score on the Redskins on Sunday.  ESPN’s John Clayton says many in the league are upset with the Patriots.

PTI’s Tony Kornheiser had the best theory.  “If you injected Bill Belichick with truth serum, he might say something like this.”  I can’t remember the actual phrase, but that since people were saying camera-gate ‘tainted’ the Patriots past success, Belichik has decided to just play all out and show everyone just how good a coach he is, and a team the Patriots are.  Tainted?  No mercy!

You had to figure Bill would use it this way.  He’s done this with every slight the Patriots ever received.  It was a given that he would use this, not for a game, but an entire season (or more).  He’s got something to prove, and no one has stopped him yet.  The Colts get the opportunity next week in a ‘rematch’.  I use that term lightly since the Patriots offense is greatly improved, and the defense is better too after some key acquisitions.  The Patriots want home field advantage this year.  And saw that the Colts don’t have their number.  Should be an exciting contest.

What I don’t find acceptable is the suggestion that someone should take a cheap shot as ‘payback’.   People complain that Brady was playing late in the game.  But Cassell was the QB on their final drive.  If you back players off, you increase the odds of them getting hurt. 

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Considering Iron Man

Not sure what to make of Iron Man.  I didn’t think Michael Keaton would work as Batman, and was wrong.  Robert Downey Jr. as a smart alec Iron Man?  We’ll see.

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24 Trailer

Just in case you happened to miss it somehow.  A shocking turn of events in what could be a great season of 24 as Jack is back.

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Reformation Specials

Ligonier is offering The Reformation Study Bible for only $15.17 on Reformation Day (Wed. the 31st).  It is for the hardback copy, in the ESV.

Yes, I used to work for Ligonier.  No, I don’t get any kickbacks.

Yes, I use the ESV as my devotional Bible (and may soon preach from it regularly).  No, I don’t get any kickbacks.

In this day of more translations and more obscure study Bibles you get a solid translation and a solid study Bible (good Reformed doctrine- historic Protestantism).  There is no limit on quantities if you or your church want to give them as gifts.  Hmmmm, ministry…. what a concept!

Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore is having their last planned sale of the year.  50% off Staff Picks this week (yes, I get benefits if you visit them through my site).  Some great books are available.  Be a good steward- buy great books on sale, not when you think you’ll need them. 

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I listened to Tim Keller on Being the Church in Our Culture from the 2006 Reform & Resurge Conference this weekend.  It was the second time through, and caught some excellent things.

Contextualization: God’s answers to the questions they’re asking in a form they can understand.”

We don’t ignore the questions of our audience or culture.  Those are the doors into ministry to them.  But the answer is two-fold.  First, it must be God’s answers, not our own or that of another culture.  Second, it must be understandable to them.  Obviously, Satan & unbelief blind people, but we must be careful to watch the form the answer takes so it is understandable to that culture.

In discussing 1 Corinthians 1 & 2, he focused on how Paul contextualized the message of the cross.  Jews wanted power/signs, and Greeks wanted wisdom.  Paul preached Christ crucified (God’s answer) to reveal God’s power to Jews, and God’s wisdom to Gentiles.  He expressed God’s answer to our condition in terms of the questions they asked, and a form they could understand.  But it remained God’s answer in Christ.

In discussing 1 Corinthians 9: “You can’t be all things to all people at the same time.  Ministry choices move us toward some people and away from others.”  Paul was of that particular culture- not a generic man.  He walked the line of contextualization between destructive enculturation (assimilation/apostasy) and protective enculturation (legalism/apostasy).

“Ministry is not adapting too much or too little to the people around you.  Adapting too much is to buy into their cultural idols.  Too little is buying into the idols of another culture.”

With regard to missions, if we have too much humility we become too much like the culture.  If we have too much pride we are too much like our culture of origin.  We need to remain in gospel humility & boast in Christ so we will disenculturate the gospel, and know we have something to say that a particular culture needs to hear.

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