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Review: Deja Vu

Deja Vu has two of my favorite actors in it- Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer.  Only one of them gets all the fun- Denzel.  Val has lines, but not much depth to his character.  That the character seems so unlike many of his other characters means he did a good job.  The script, alas, didn’t give him much to do.  This was a vehicle for Denzel.  Val also seems to be wearing the ‘fat packs’ again (he jokes about that in the commentary on Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang)

Deja Vu is a sci-fi action thriller set in modern times.  After an act of terrorism in New Orleans.  ATF agent Carlin seems to have a knack for sorting out evidence.  He catches the eye of FBI agent Pryzwarra.  But a woman who appears to be a victim of the bombing catches Carlin’s eye.

Soon Carlin is working on Pryzwarra’s secret project- they have the ability to see the past unfold like a live stream 4 days later.  They want Carlin to help them sort out the clues to catch the killer.  But Carlin wants to prevent the bombing, and save the girl.

Yes, a space-time continuum police movie.  This opens tons of philosophical questions, which the movie isn’t really attempting to answer (much to Kilmer’s disappointment I’m sure).  There seem to be some glitches in the plot as a result.  But, the movie is interesting, and has a goodly amount of action.  Unfortunately, it also has a bit of vouyerism as well.  That was a tad predictable- but at least it wasn’t over the top.  Yet, I think both of us were uncomfortable with it.

Aside from that, we both enjoyed the movie and not just because it got us out of the heat.  This is good, because the CavWife is not big on sci-fi anything. 

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Here’s where it’s at.  I really wish I could have gone to the meeting earlier this year.  It just wasn’t in the budget.  But have no fear….

As reported elsewhere by many others, the Gospel Coalition website is up.  I like the subtitle “for the next generation of gospel-faithful ministry.”  This is chock full of resources.  It is far from complete, but they do have the plenary sessions in audio and video available (including Keller, Piper, Carson).  They have a number of articles by current gospel guys like Tim Keller and C.J. Mahaney.  And they have articles from dead gospel guys like Calvin, Luther, Boston, Warfield.

They also have their confessional statement and a theological vision for ministry.  This really is a place to bookmark and visit often.  So often groups get caught up in issues.  This is about the Big Issue, the Ultimate Issue.  It is a unity that is found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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I’m not sure where all of these guys paid to pay attention have been doing, but they haven’t been paying attention.

Boston.com’s Eric Wilbur thinks Danny doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he quotes a few others who can’t figure it out.

Eric: “It’s official. Danny Ainge doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s doing.”

““There’s no vision, no plan – just so much thrown together out of desperation,” writes Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski.”

“Back in the real world, Fox Sports.com’s Jeff Goodman called the trade the worst of the night. The Washington Post’s Michael Wilbon, who earlier in the day went on ESPN Radio with racially charged comments about Boston, rightfully says that the Celtics are “wandering aimlessly philosophically.” ”

In the real world, I have been hearing Danny say from the outset that the plan was to get some valuable pieces to rebuild the team.  Those valuable pieces would be tradeable contracts (Ratliff) and young players.  The goal was to create a team that would be able to play a more up-tempo game.


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That is one big locust, folks.  We sure can grow them in Florida.

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Ray Allen a Celtic

Thanks to a draft day trade, the Celtics now have Allen Ray and the much better Ray Allen playing shooting guard.  The Celtics traded Wally, Delonte West and the #5 pick, which was Jeff Green (who could have been paired with Gerald Green for the boys in green but won’t).

What I Like About the Trade

The Celtics really needed a consistent outside shooter and experience.  Ray Allen can certainly do that.  He had a career high 26 points per last season.  Ray is also a pretty good passer, and can play point guard for short stretches.  This will stretch the defense and open up the game for Paul and Al.

This trade will probably make Pierce happy.  He has another proven scorer.  He should make Paul better.  He’s really missed Walker, but Ray will shoot far better than ‘Toine ever did.

What I Don’t Like About the Trade

We traded 2 guys who couldn’t stay healthy for another guy who has had trouble staying healthy lately.  Those 26 ppg came in only 55 games last season.  He’s coming off of ankle surgery, but is still more athletic than Wally was.  Ray is not known for his defense, which has been a problem for the Celtics.  Jeff Green was supposed to be a pretty good defender.

Ray’s contract is a year longer than Wally’s.  At least it is only 3 years, which will put Ray at 35.  The Celtics will, if he stays healthy, get the tail end of Ray’s prime.  His contract is also more expensive than Wally’s (and probably Delonte’s too).  So… you have to fill 2 more roster spots (include Green) with less available money.  So our salary cap flexibility will not be great.

This puts lots of pressure to get the job done in the next 3 years, before the rebuilding begins again.  Unless Gerald, Rajon and Tony Allen develop well.

I guess we’ll know by December whether this was a good trade or not.

Update:  Boston.com is reporting that we also get the 35th pick in this trade.  Oooh, 2 second round picks.  Though Danny seems to do very well in the second round.  We need some height, Danny, height.

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The latest rumor is that the 3rd trading partner for Minny & Phoenix is Charlotte.  Charlotte would get Amare.

If I’m Danny Ainge, I’d call and say I’d give up Al Jefferson and the #5 for Amare Stoudamire.  How can that hurt?  If there is one young player I’d trade Al to get- Amare is the one.

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Here’s a summary w/links to player profiles.


Mock Draft

Round 1 Round 2
Draft Express Jeff Green Glen “Big Baby Davis
Hoops World Jeff Green ———–
NBADraft.net Yi Jianlian Gabe Pruitt
Bill Simmons Corey Brewer  
Chad Ford Yi Jianlian  

I hope Green will be the guy (unless Atlanta does the unthinkable and Horford is available), and fear it will be Jianlian (PROJECT).  I have no clue for the second round.  Pruitt sounds good.  Big Baby… not so good.

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